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Christine Bullington-Evans
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I totally agree with all the comments. The fence requirement really is a pet peeve of mine. First of all dogs need to be walked a few times per day. They need that stimulation. A tired dog is a good dog. Far too many dogs never get walked because their owners send them outside to their fenced in yard. I understand that sometimes that is necessary, but I still think it is unfair for rescue groups to make a fence a requirement. There are a lot of responsible pet owners who love walking their dogs. I imagine that the rescue groups are concerned that the owner will simply put the dog on a tie out and leave them there for hours at a time if they don't have a fence. Yes that is not acceptable. I really hope we can change the thinking of pet rescue groups. There are a lot of people without fences who would be a great pet owner. Christine Evans Offering dog training, pet sitting and dog walking in the Kansas City area.
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Aug 9, 2011