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"Islands In The Stream"
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Great article Clyde! Patel's outline is spot-on when it comes to the process of building your brand!
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Thank you Tyler! As an image consultant for recording artists, I totally agree on the importance of an act having professional quality photos. However, if the act doesn't know how to dress for the photo shoot, then the money spent on photos is not money well-spent (see why in my blog post "Picture Perfect II at Lori paNASH Style LLC
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Thanks Billie. I'm sure you will make a beautiful GM!
This is true for each thing you described Billie, whether it's a new dress, new relationship, new interview suit, new job, etc. I am a former career adviser turned image consultant, and last year I had a client who was also a GM. She had looked everywhere trying to find a dress on her own before coming to me for help. The first store I took her to we found a dress that she felt absolutely fabulous in (and also met all the crazy requirements). Also last year, I had a client who was looking for a new job, doing the same thing she had been doing (career advising). Even though she was a career adviser and knew what the standard was for interview attire, she came to me with a desire to break away from the cookie-cutter boring black skirt suit that is done over and over for interviews and instead incorporate some personality and sense of style with professionalism (thank goodness!). As much as we both want to see this kind of shift in interview attire, we also knew it was a risk just to add even one small element of hip style to an interview suit. She decided her style and personality were worth the risk and so she took it, and she got the job! Just the other day I started a Pinterest board for others interested in some stylish alternatives to the plain boring interview suit with examples of what can work, especially in less conservative industries, because like you said, people should wear what THEY feel their best in. You can check out the Pinterest board at Lori Bumgarner
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Jun 6, 2012