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Bogart Bumquest
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I am sorry, but I am illiterate and do not understand ASL. Am I able to sue for not offering audio on their youtube statement regarding suing Netflix? The fact that NAD is comparing CC to wheel chair ramps is an insult to paraplegic people. Is getting CC as important as your access to the job site, grocery store, school, library, hospital? Lastly, ADA Title III - "In the case of private clubs, the clubs themselves are not obligated to provide reasonable accommodations, but they can be held liable if the facilities they rent or lease out to the public are not accessible." Becoming a member of Netflix should qualify as joining a private club.
Looks like something an intern would come up with to make his boss happy. 1) No indicator of how to scroll horizontally, zone size of scroll div. Very annoying. 2) No way to order the lists. You want all Sci-Fi, here are 14 unordered pages. 3) Monotonous boring background. Grey on grey. At least the old page was grey on red. 4) No scroll speed acceleration. If I get to the end of the list, it is faster to f5 than it is to scroll back. 5) No consistency with the rest of the site. When i first loaded the page, I thought i had a bad internet connection and immediately refreshed. This page looks really out of place. And much, much more. One thing that sort of helps is zooming out 2 clicks. They can take a hint from competitor Crackle, their watch instant movie interface is easy and intuitive (despite being a bit buggy)
Watch Netflix acquire Zediva and with their libraries of DVDs begin to stream every video within the rental window.
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May 27, 2011