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Oh Alicia..I would have loved a career involving horses too! I had horses as a young girl and even loved to "muck" the stalls! I have to say that I am IN LOVE with "Pinkytoes Paulson". I would love a career just rubbing her belly!
Toggle Commented Mar 9, 2011 on Right Where You Left Us at Posie Gets Cozy
Hi Benita! I love your space and especially the bedroom "nook". I think that removing the wall will open it up beautifully. The Pax wardrobes are the way to go in my opinion. Did you consider installing a sliding door with frosted glass in your nook? It would let the light in and afford privacy. I can't wait to see it all come together in your new home. BTW did you think of a name yet?
Toggle Commented Mar 9, 2011 on The Living Room at Chez Larsson
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Oh this is and pink somehow just belong together. Great work Bari!
Toggle Commented Mar 5, 2011 on Happiness is a Color at Bari J.
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What's that I hear?? New fabric coming out?? WOOT! I am in the midst of using your fabulous Pop Garden fabric for decorating an outdoor room in my garage/hangout. Pillows, throws, signs etc. If you care to have a looky loo it will be in soon-to-be posted entries on my blog. I just love your creative mind!
Toggle Commented Mar 1, 2011 on Stripped Teaser at HELLOmynameisHeather
Spring has sprung at Rosehip! Love the colors and the crochet. Beautiful.
Toggle Commented Mar 1, 2011 on a touch of color... at rose hip
Let's noodles + MAGIC SAUCE = heaven!!!! thanks so much.
Toggle Commented Feb 28, 2011 on Magic Sauce at angry chicken
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Hi Benita! Try not to worry so. All will be well. I have faith in you and your ability to get things done. The perfect home awaits I am sure.
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I am sure you will have no problem selling your lovely home Benita.
Toggle Commented Feb 22, 2011 on Depersonalizing /1 at Chez Larsson
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Hi Benita...I just love how inventive you are with the recycling. Everything you bring home looks great once you have put your hand to it.
Toggle Commented Feb 21, 2011 on As Promised at Chez Larsson
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Feb 21, 2011