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If the State or JCAHO accreditation looks at the video it will have a big problem. Best get home soon. Can't have all of that stuff in the hallways!
Toggle Commented Jan 7, 2012 on BigFurHat Hospital Stay at Atlas Shrugs
We ran a story back on December 16, 2009 on the mosque-- now Nancy wants an investigation into the opposition? Lets blame the messenger.Already there was deep concern.
Another Republican disgrace that no one gave any attention to. Calling Mr. Steele? Other than a few Talk Show Conservatives, no attention was given.
And now we learn of the decision to eliminate the Coast Guard's role in defending our shores, at the same time allocating 200 million for the NYC Terror Trial. It is hard to believe this is just ignorance.
Toggle Commented Feb 25, 2010 on Obama Disarming America at Atlas Shrugs
Its a sign that the Chicago way of intimadation is getting old. Agree, not much to cheer about yet, but we must begin somewhere. We MUST find new faces for the fall election. Otherwise, I fear time is running out to reclaim our country.
In a survey, seven percent of Muslims in the U.S. said that Suicide Bombings could sometimes be justified. Do we think they would be willing to give them up? is now following The Typepad Team
Jan 9, 2010