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Your blog is great. And I was so happy to see your post about The False Prophets. You're so right that they were under appreciated because trust me; no one on that Lower East side worked harder at their band than Stephan Ielpi! I came to the city in 1981, a 16 year old girl who was mad for music & became friends with him. He'd drag that bag of props & tricks round with him everywhere he went; promoting the band. I think a lot of the Hardcore bands respected them & liked Stephan, but the comic side didn't resonate with the more black & white sensibility of the time. But I will say that he was a sensitive, intellectually curious person under the Chaplin stash. Would love to know how he is now, have a cup of tea with him & go down that nauseating road of nostalgia. Anyway, I'll forward your blog to some people who will appreciate it, if they haven't seen it already that is..
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Apr 4, 2015