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Burak Ozan
Miami, Florida
Work in an online marketing company, leading the Marketing and Product Development. Running an in-house affiliate program along with managing the development and marketing team of talented individuals in Tel3.
Interests: web and mobile applications, customer relations programs, SEM, product development, market research, blogging, affiliate networks, multivariate & a/b testing, competitive market analysis
Recent Activity
This is a fascinating argument and attracts so many brilliant minds. It is rare to see Seth, Malcolm and Chris talk on the same topic within couple days, an intriguing subject. When you read these three master minds, you know that this is real and hot. Bottom-line is that Free business model is real and actually already here. You can maybe argue, in which industries it will work best or where in value chain/network it will make a big difference, or which functions within an organization can capitalize on it more than others but not about if it is real or not! By the way, no one is arguing if there will be only one model or not; Chris already clarified this I believe in Wired's latest edition: "We're good at scarcity thinking - it's the 20th century organizational model. Now we have to get good at abundance thinking, too." Actually these three posts may be in my opinion the main drivers for selling this controversial book; what can be a better example than this, all free marketing by passionate people and their passionate followers, rather than 30 sec spots, paid reviews or ads... the question now is, what will you do about it? and it is time to answer it sooner than later; not just for the people who are threatened with this paradigm shift in business, but rather for everybody ...
Toggle Commented Jul 1, 2009 on Dear Malcolm: Why so threatened? at The Long Tail
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