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Burke Burnett
Honolulu, Hawaii
Interests: Science, space exploration, biodiversity conservation, climate change, electronic music, guitar.
Recent Activity
Merry Christmas! My New Year's resolution is to post more frequently. (I think I was psychologically scarred by a long and thoughtful essay on terraforming that I made a month ago or so, but which "disappeared" just as I was about to post it. Few things are more frustrating than... Continue reading
Posted Dec 25, 2012 at EnterSpace
Lots of travel and the holidays aren't helping my ability to do new posts, but just to keep the ball rolling, I found this infographic by NASA to be kinda neat. Put this on your cellphone to show your friends and family if you hear them moan over the holidays... Continue reading
Posted Dec 2, 2012 at EnterSpace
PISCES will be posting our presentations on their website shortly, but in the meantime here's a link to the presentation I gave last week at the PISCES 2012 conference on the Big Island. Btw, Buzz Aldrin was in the house and gave a great presentation on his Mars Cycler concept.... Continue reading
Posted Nov 21, 2012 at EnterSpace
I have been a traveling madman for the last several months (Fiji, Florida, Texas) and haven't had time to post much lately, and likely won't for another couple of weeks. But in the meantime, here is the abstract of a presentation I will give at the 2012 PISCES (Pacific International... Continue reading
Posted Nov 8, 2012 at EnterSpace
China is making progress on its new line of Long March rockets capable of heavier payload missions beyond LEO. Specifically, it has conducted successful tests of its proprietary high-pressure staged combustion cycle engine that will be used on it Long March 5 rocket scheduled for first launch in 2014. This... Continue reading
Reblogged Oct 28, 2012 at EnterSpace
Crazy post-travel day and don't have time to make a proper post, so I'm re-posting something from the indispensable Bad Astronomer, Phil Plait. Beautious! Behold the brain-busting beauty of Barnard 59! [Click to ennicotianatabacumenate - and seriously, do it! - or stick the gargantuan 16,000 x 15,000 pixel version (!!)... Continue reading
Reblogged Oct 10, 2012 at EnterSpace
While idly surfing in Fiji, I ran across What the NASA?, a fun little website on with short and snappy little factoids on NASA spinoffs. WTN also has a sister website with a much naughtier, and non-family friendly name, but you can guess by its initials (WTF NASA?). Each visit... Continue reading
Posted Oct 9, 2012 at EnterSpace
Heading off to Fiji for a work trip so no blog posts until I return. Image: Qamea Island, Fiji. Credit: Scott Putnam Continue reading
Posted Sep 27, 2012 at EnterSpace
September 20, 2012 Temerity at the Top By DAVID BROOKS I guess we’re all supposed to be talking about how to build the middle class these days and look askance at the top 1 percent. But would you mind if I interrupted this cultural moment to point out that capitalism... Continue reading
Reblogged Sep 20, 2012 at EnterSpace
Simple repost from Robert Christy, but worth noting. Tiangong Orbit Change Signals Likely Date for Shenzhou 10 by Robert Christy FBIS Scarborough, UK (SPX) Sep 04, 2012 File image. August 30, Tiangong 1's controllers raised its orbit by 11 kilometres, indicating that a target date for the Shenzhou 10 mission... Continue reading
Reblogged Sep 16, 2012 at EnterSpace
While a big honking rocket would be just about the coolest thing in 40 years, and although it would be cheaper per launch than the Shuttle... is this really the best and most cost-effective launch architecture strategy going forward? NASA's huge new rocket may cost $500 million per launch By... Continue reading
Reblogged Sep 14, 2012 at EnterSpace
The world faces looming food production problems, and - strange as it may sound off the bat - space settlement research may be one of the keys to addressing it. Check out this short essay from David Frum, my favorite conservative thinker, on what he sees as likely agricultural crises... Continue reading
Reblogged Sep 4, 2012 at EnterSpace
Just under 6 hours remaining for LiftPort's "Space Elevator Science" project over at Kickstarter. I kicked in a few bucks; so should you. But hurry. A short snippet from the Kickstarter page is below, but you should check out the whole thing. We're a long way from being able to... Continue reading
Reblogged Sep 1, 2012 at EnterSpace
NASA Watch has a post up today on what a Romney space policy would look like. Since his advisors seem to be split into pro-SLS/Constellation and pro-NewSpace camps, the answer is "anyone's guess". Given that there is very little evidence that Romney has even given much thought to the space... Continue reading
Reblogged Aug 31, 2012 at EnterSpace
Wait, the moon has an atmosphere, you ask? You thought it was a vacuum, right? Why, yes it does have an atmosphere - technically speaking. But for all practical purposes such as landing and habitation - no. In fact, the lunar atmosphere is so tenuous that it is really more... Continue reading
Reblogged Aug 28, 2012 at EnterSpace
Neil Armstrong passed today. Rest in peace, Mr. Armstrong. Although he would have demurred, he was a genuine hero, and the world has lost a great man. Much will be written about him in the next couple of days and there isn't much I can add to the telling of... Continue reading
Posted Aug 25, 2012 at EnterSpace
Latest on China's planned space science projects. HMXT is an x-ray telescope planned for 2012 that will be China's first civilian space telescope. DAMPE (Dark Matter Particle Explorer) is a planned satellite that will look for dark matter and other high energy particles. Another as yet unnamed project will examine... Continue reading
Reblogged Aug 22, 2012 at EnterSpace
Continuing our summer infographic series, BBC Future commissioned Information is Beautiful to create a fascinating interactive graphic for the Drake Equation. It's completely embedded on the BBC website so click on the image to go directly to the interactive or click here. The Drake Equation, for those unfamiliar with it,... Continue reading
Reblogged Aug 21, 2012 at EnterSpace
Found this photo on Facebook and thought it worth sharing. It's a composite Photoshop job, but still lovely. Amid Myriads of Stars Copyright : AtomicZen AtomicZen writes: Amid myriads of stars in a new moon night, I felt that we are only a small creature when comparing to the universe.... Continue reading
Posted Aug 20, 2012 at EnterSpace
NASA's Space Technology Program announced that it has funded five innovative "game-changing" technologies to advance our spaceflight capabilities. I'm particularly intrigued by the "Membrane Enabled Reverse Lung" since advancing life-support technologies and how they may transfer back to Earth applications is one of my particular areas of interest - but... Continue reading
Reblogged Aug 20, 2012 at EnterSpace
A group of American and Chinese space scientists had an informal meeting at the COSPAR 2012 meeting last month to discuss ways to improve cooperation between the two countries. It was a closed-door meeting, so details on what was discussed are unavailable, nor do I have a list of the... Continue reading
Reblogged Aug 18, 2012 at EnterSpace
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Aug 16, 2012
Given U.S. Presidential candidate Mitt Romney's very poorly-recieved foreign trip to London, Jerusalem, and Warsaw in July, one would think that at least in terms of speaking about foreign countries he might try not to step in his own poo for awhile. You'd be wrong. Voice of America reports that... Continue reading
Reblogged Aug 14, 2012 at EnterSpace
There's a very worthy documentary film project over at Kickstarter called "Fight for Space" on the future of the human spaceflight program. I was an early backer and hope you will consider making a contribution as well. I don't know the filmmakers personally but have had a few short email... Continue reading
Reblogged Aug 12, 2012 at EnterSpace
NASA announced last week that it has selected three NewSpace companies worthy of continued U.S. Government investment in developing privately-operated human-rated vehicles to low Earth orbit. In other words, the vehicles that will functionally replace the retired Space Shuttle in carrying astronauts to the ISS. The successful companies are Boeing,... Continue reading
Reblogged Aug 7, 2012 at EnterSpace