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From various discussions (whether informed, hypothetical, or based on assumptions), it appears that the "city" is trying deal with the state's push for more housing and greater density in bay area cities by dumping as many units as possible into mega projects (such as this one, or the one by 101 south of broadway). Their goal may actually be to push these units as far away from existing "low density" residential housing as possible to minimize political fallout. However, if so, they are creating some really ugly, blocky projects, that aren't integrated well into the community, with all the traffic, education, etc issues brought up above. Actually, since they aren't next to anything, it will actually force more cars/traffic to get to schools, shopping, etc. While it might not satisfy the state's high density goals, I'd rather see some better thought out projects, that were a better blend of single and multi-family units, and better integrated into our town.
Hmmm, not sure, but from this article - - it suggests that there are 3 hummingbird species that migrate along the coast, so maybe the surge is due to that. However, that doesn't explain why our local, non-migrating species, had low numbers for several months.
Toggle Commented Aug 30, 2017 on Hummingbird Question at The Burlingame Voice
This public square can get noisy, and off-topic.... Going back to the original question posed: too many nail/hair salons? Since I use neither, I would say yes. But if there is a cap on restaurants, then nail shops will fill the vacuum. Vacancies: what is the deal with the owner of Taste/Magdaluna/old rug shop building. He/she seems to like to run out businesses that are making money. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but other threads suggest that Magdaluna and Taste were pushed out by the owner. Traffic: Too many cars speeding broadway business district, except during evening hours when Uber/Lyft double parkers add to traffic jam. Seems like a traffic officer could do well standing on the corner of Broadway & Paloma. Does the BPD have a traffic officer? El Camino and California are racetracks during commute hours; booming San Mateo tech employees have discovered how to bypass 101 between Millbrae Ave and 3rd Ave.
Toggle Commented Jul 31, 2017 on Bemoaning Broadway at The Burlingame Voice
Money - the live wire, and lifeblood of politics. I share your concern about the feeding of money from unions into the political realm... and a few years ago, would have been a stronger supporter of 32. However, the flood of money from corporations (Citizens United), and corporations shielding/fronting a few rich individuals truly scares me. We have gone from 1 monster (union funding)to a 2 headed monster, with few/no limits on either side now.
This site has always been a great venue to share and discuss what is going on in OUR town. However, I've noticed that shrill voices - holyroller in this case - try to outshout anyone that doesn't agree with their narrow, often bigoted, opinions. Hillsider was correct. This article/posting was on the gas lines in OUR community, Burlingame. Not a rant about PG&E in general, or about the tragedy in San Bruno (which of course is what makes the topic of Gas Lines relevant), or their fear of the Immigrants (assumed to be undocumented). If they want to talk about that topic, then why not post an article on that. Now my apologies for taking us further off topic. Would like to see further discussion of the gas lines in Burlingame.
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Sep 24, 2010