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Thanks for the excellent post. I will post a link on my TravelTips page on my blog. May I say that you actually came out better than an Italian couple and myself one late midnight. Intimidating? We were so rattled we had to call the police. And all we did was turn away with a No Grazie! after they pulled the stunt. I was by myself but the (Italian) couple lagged behind to help me out after they were threatened. I might add...I *wanted* the meter (I live out of the walls) and couldn't get that. After much scuffling, I wouldn't get in a cab if *they* had paid *me*. We all need to copiously call the Carabinieri line and pull out the phones and photograph their medallion number. And then report it to the RomaCapitale line (not that they do much about it, but it is cathartic). The problem will only make them angrier. Even if they say, yes, Flat Rate - they then tell unsuspecting tourists that extra people - extra bags - Sundays and every other sort of excuse ups it to 45 euro. So, heed the advice, everyone. And just don't take a taxi at Ciampino. FMaggi, Author Burnt by the Tuscan Sun is now following The Typepad Team
Jul 7, 2010