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I agree. The blog post title being on your URL will definitely increase your page rank since Google actually searches for titles in both the post and in the URL. There are actually other small things that you can do for your site's SEO. Indianapolis' SEO experts suggest content writing, using social networking platforms and making Youtube videos, which many bloggers are doing here in Indianapolis. SEO is quite easy to do but if you need it badly, you should hire professionals to do it!
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WSO is the main key in local internet marketing nowadays, since it's hard to find local products or services in the web w/o the help of search engines. Local search marketing is provided by many private firms - including search engine providers themselves.
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Local internet marketing is indeed the new thing when it comes to advertising nowadays, especially because of these new personal technology that makes sure that your advertisement goes to individuals on a large quantity instead of a group of audiences that often miss your advertisement. The reason why 'content' rates are falling down is because of the new trend on online 'guerrilla marketing' tactics. Like for example, local search marketing only requires your campaigns to pop out on top of search engines, and voila! You incur traffic through your campaign's website, etc. Like what the presentation states, campaign is still important as it brings forth ideas that are essential in producing more innovations and progress!
I wonder what would modern and local internet marketing would be like if Hal Riney's peak of career only started now. Imagine the guy making innovations on how we do internet advertisement; how he could have made an impact by working together with a systematic local search engine marketing plan. Hal Riney definitely made a huge mark in the advertising industry - many innovations are made by people who took inspiration from him. Try making a 1-minute (more or less) advertising that can leave an impression, or show deep emotions far more than a 2-hour movie can do. It's quite difficult to do these things within a minute or two but Hal Riney was able to do it - again and again.
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Media and entertainment-related ads being on top of the CTR list was not a surprise for me, since most people go to the internet exactly for these things. Local search engine marketing firms are also getting a lot of clients wanting their entertainment-related campaigns to be advertised, meaning these people are definitely in-the-know about the advantages of advertising media and entertainment-related campaigns in social networking sites like Facebook. Local internet marketing, specifically in Facebook, requires a huge amount of R&D before the actual application to ensure that your money won't be wasted.
PR is definitely different from advertisement. A PR officer is like the company's representative to the public; they PERSONALLY go to the people and brief them with the company's agenda, product or services. They are also tasked of building a company's image or reputation; to ensure that the company's name will never be repressed or shamed. However, PR and advertising are closely tied together, since both help promote the company's product/services. Local internet marketing, for example, is a medium for both public relations and advertising. Advertising is in charge of promoting a product while PR makes sure that advertisements or hearsay won't ruin the company's reputation. Overall, both play key roles when it comes to local marketing.
HULU is actually doing great here, taking advantage of its exclusive but numerous customers using their streaming services by placing local internet marketing tactics that are targeted on a specific audience. Imagine if you can advertise a campaign to a specific IP address of a customer. It means that you can also advertise on a specific area or state this way! After all, local marketing is the best way to advertise on the internet.
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The company is also doing great when it comes to local internet marketing! I see their ads across many social networking sites that I use. Well, they probably researched about this tactic pretty well since according to research, it's best to use the internet when you're attempting a local marketing campaign!
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Feb 9, 2011