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A nit, but the mammogram furor had absolutely nothing to do with the carcinogen effect of the x-rays used, which are low-dose and now often digital. It had to do with cost vs benefit. The number of false positives in younger women undergoing mammography is relatively high in comparison with the number who end up with cancer, and the government advisory panel decided that the small number of lives saved weren't worth the expense. They justified this using the excuse that the idea of a biopsy is stressful for a woman. Sadly, there are now many programs following this government advisory and women are not getting needed mammograms. As a woman undergoing cancer treatment now, I would urge people to get that mammogram anyway. The government may not think your life is worth the costs but I'm sure you do. Any "stress" caused by an unnecessary biopsy (which is a simple and easy procedure) is nothing compared to the stress of mastectomy and chemotherapy. If the government had done its job and kept this known terrorist off airplanes, we wouldn't even need to be considering the idea of radiation exposure at the airport. is now following The Typepad Team
Dec 20, 2009