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just what i was looking for too!! yay!
@dreamwalker72 SAME WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!
@Steve i definitely agree with u BLUE IS THE NEW GREEN im going to like watch the avatar dvd evryday..
im an avatar fan and i am damn ass proud of it this one old ass here is busy staring at me i was almost about to give him THE FINGER!! this is why you have inet at home!!
people i am posting from a library and gee these people think im a freaking nerd and that im freaking insane. i mean that is why we have the internet at HOME SO YOU DONT HAVE EVERY SECOND DICK TOM AND HARRY THINKING YOU ARE STUPID...
the movie is very good if they made a series i think it would have a very negative impact a freaking avatar tv series its insane!
maybe its a good idea maybe not...i cant decide.....yes it will ruin it....maybe it wont i really dont know....................ah shit i cant freaking decide
yo jtproplaya im gna fully agree with you.
yo, people if they dont make a sequel im going to go freaking mad i mean i just cant get enough of the movie we went to go and see it at the cinema ONCE and shit hey it damn will is the best movie ive ever seen i must say ive got a little sista she's only 1 but she trashes all of our dvd's i said: " im going to put up a shelf and put all my dvds on there so she cant get to them. but when i buy the avatar dvd im going to buy a godamn lock-key, fingerprint, eyescanner, and code safe so there's no way my sis can get to them i said i want to keep the avatar dvd in PRISTINE condition. gee guys i cant get enough of this movie i even said to my friend i cant get enough of this godamn movie its just so good if they dont make a sequel im going to go freaking insane. and i must agree with chris that people are gona bug him till he makes a sequel.
what i like: the fact that you dont see buildings everywhere the fact that the people treat each other equally and the fact that they take care of their planet. Continue reading
Posted Jan 7, 2010 at AVATAR
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Jan 7, 2010
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Jan 7, 2010