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The ones who say " they are just not here" may care to see how many "from here" are turning up dead "over there".( That's where all the fun is....There words, not mine.) The latest two left from Minnesota, the same high school, and the same Mosque. That same "house of peace" is no stranger to investigation of radicalism. Vary soon, those that can't make the trip will turn their frustrations loose here. If the "street chemists" can whip up a batch of meth from household goods, things that can go boom will be the next recipe. They are among us. That's for certain. But we dare not even suspect without getting marked as "racist". We can't even snag a bus load or two of illegals when they march in the street demanding instant citizenship. ( But officer! They are right THERE!!!) Muslim stuff has be found along the Southern boarder plenty of times. But that is to be ignored by homeland insecurity. You would think our government is just asking for another attack. And maybe they are. There are some on Capital Hill that would love to have an excuse to suspend the Constitution and impose martial law from shore to shore. ( The True Progressive wet dream) Just think.. No mid term election.. "it's tooo dangerous". "O" would claim that it's just not smart to change administrations in a time of emergency, and put the nation in that hands of "beginners". Far fetched? Maybe,,, but how far do you think "O" and Co. would go to retain their power?
Seems Iceland isn't alone with "acid reflux". Many "dormant" volcanos that haven't shown signs of activity for eons are awakening around the globe. Now the Cannery Islands are rumbling. Just how ugly can things get?
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Yup,,, close is good nuff. Grammatically challenged. Is there a government check I can get for that?
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Not this time Todd, I got caught fair and square. That's OK,,, "someone" will have an episode of digital dyslexia soon enough. I got my ruler at the ready this time. RL,, is that aimed in my direction? If so,, you know why I got into the dirt business. Guilty as charged.
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Here is a good laugh for this morning. Dear old Arnold has publicly called for changing the rule about "natural born citizens only" can run for Prez. I guess he wants the chance to finish off whatever "O" happens to leave behind. ( Yaa,,,he wants a shot at the W.H. too) I guess he feels that since Brown got stupidly re elected , he's a shoe in.
With any luck the old RNC will be shown the door. With all this "clean" BS on the "CR", Pork spending ( payoffs) always is the game changer. And a dam of all things? And for a REPUB.?? "O" has been great at divide and conquer, and the Repubs fall for it every time. They just didn't kick the can, they set it on a football tee, and got a good running start. There’s no actual debt ceiling right now. The fiscal deal passed by Congress on Wednesday evening to re-open the government and get around the $16.4 trillion limit on borrowing doesn’t actually increase the debt limit. It just temporarily suspends enforcement of it. That means Americans have no idea how much debt their government is going to rack up between now and Feb. 7, when the limits are supposed to go back into place and will have to be razed. I could use a new truck. I think I will give a few elected Reps. a call and have that small pittance added to the bill. Who would notice?
There is a reason I asked Paul the previous question. Many an uninformed "person" thinks they are two different laws, not realizing the two terms are one in the same. They are for one,, but not the other. Yes.... These people vote too.
Paul... Which do you prefer better? Obamacare,,, or,, the "affordable care taxlaw"?
I do hope the constitutional sheriffs stick to their guns and refuse to "obey" unlawful laws.(blatantly unconstitutional) It's no different than what others here have pointed out about "O" and Moonbeam picking and choosing which laws to ignore. I have my doubts about our own sheriff. I tried to find out his stance on this more than once, without an answer. I was asking the question even before the new state laws had been drafted. ( I knew full well Jerry's kids were going full steam to attack the 2ND,, in spades.) Well, here they are all 12, sitting on Moonbeam's desk. Again I ask,, are you going to hold fast, hold your head high and give Brown the finger? Or cave and go polish your badge? One thing will be certain if Brown signs those Bills. There will be plenty of brand new criminals, just with a signature. Not many are going to register those weapons. Then there are those that will lose the right to own guns.( overnight) But they are not felons. A misdemeanor will be good enough. 10 years is a long time to be defenseless when you don't deserve to. Then there is AR "fix" Leave it to Ca. to demand gun makers to build another " California special" That should cost a pretty penny. The same goes for ammo. when the anti lead ban takes hold. Price it right out of reach. You can bet that reloaders will be next on the hit list. Get caught reloading your own without a license, or what ever else they dream up, and your life becomes a nightmare.
We can thank the LIBS for Ca. being #1 in another category, other than real bad finance decisions, or big union. We can add restrictive gun laws to the list of #1 stupid.
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Dr. R.. Did you hear or see Glenn Beck's explanation and/or description of the Castle doctrine? Even a Progressive can understand it, and have an even tougher time saying it's not so.
Toggle Commented Feb 23, 2013 on When laws become lawless at Rebane's Ruminations
Here ya' go Paul E. ,,, If "they" can get away with this to a Christian, just think how far in their good graces you would get.. Go through what he is, and get back to me. those "God given rights" would look vary good if you come back. ( that's a big IF...) BTW Don't count on "O" coming to your rescue. Remember our Diplomat? "O" left him for dead, along with a few others. And not a damned thing has been done about it.( and never will)
Toggle Commented Feb 23, 2013 on When laws become lawless at Rebane's Ruminations
OK Gregory,,, ya' got me. Ya' just had to pop a cap in my ,,,, butt. ( Now my limp is really noticeable)LOL Ya gotta love the ingenuity of sci fi prop people. Paul. Hasn't the tree hugger termites been pushing for the use of the latest and greatest ( even unproven) technology to "make our lives better"? Or does that only apply to worn farms and overpriced solar panels, batt. powered cars that we can't afford? Just why in your eyes that the 2ND means that we should only be able to own and use smooth bore flint locks?( OK...Cap and ball) because that what was around when the law was written. We gun owners also have the right to keep up with technology,and nor be kept in the bolt action age with minimal ammo capacity. Don't like high capacity magazines? WHY? YOUR not reloading them, or buying the ammo. Since you don't believe in a higher being,(which is your "right" BTW,) then I take it you believe a politician is the one that grants you "rights". At least the ones you like at this point in time? What part of the Bill of Rights you just can't stand? ( the same goes for the Ten Commandments. Ever hear of them? ) Maybe you should spend some time in the Muslim world, and get a taste of that "tolerant and peaceful" society.. A word or warning.. Better not mention that atheism you subscribe too. They are not kind to "non believers". There,, it's believe in Ala or die. Christians are under attack there daily. For us, it's convert or die... Just ask the Christian Pastor that's about to be executed just for being a Christian. So much for that "tolerance" we keep hearing from the Progressives. When and "if" you get back, you might find a new appreciation for those " God given rights".
Toggle Commented Feb 23, 2013 on When laws become lawless at Rebane's Ruminations
Ooopppss,,, exchange "Paul" for Steve. Yup,, mistakes happen... even for me...
Toggle Commented Feb 22, 2013 on When laws become lawless at Rebane's Ruminations
Just saw the previous post Greg,, I didn't hear about the Broom handle being used in the movie.(cool!) I will have to dig out the old flick and check that out. I did hear that other "real" weapons were used as well. just as you said. A little extra space age furniture, and you have a blaster. I don't think Paul can even identify the rifle, let alone who makes it, or what it is. It's "scarry looking". that's good enough for him. Lets see if he can guess just which cal. it is.
Toggle Commented Feb 22, 2013 on When laws become lawless at Rebane's Ruminations
Good catch Gregory. And we still keep hearing that armed citizens don't stop violent acts. It's really difficult to find a story from LIB news when an armed citizen stops a crime in progress. Just last week a robbery was stopped with an AR15. Nope,,, you won't see that on MSNBC. As I went to the dump today, I saw a sign about and auction on April 13th put on by The Friends of the NRA. Anyone know more about it? I didn't see anything about it at The Range when I was there today. ( DARN... Five minutes late for the last bulk .308 can. ) If you have reloading equipment your not using,, I will be more than happy to take it off your hands, and pay the fair value. Even presses are now on a long back order.
Toggle Commented Feb 22, 2013 on When laws become lawless at Rebane's Ruminations
If not by one way, then our overlords will find another. I'm sure they could find any reason to place a VET into the " shall not own" category. This may be how it begins. Disarm the ones who know how to use guns first. Then there is good ol' Joe B. ... " Just get a shotgun...JUST get a shotgun... A double barrel shotgun. Go out on the back porch and fire off a couple of blasts.. That will scare off anyone in your home." Anyone else see that? For one, that is not safe advice. You will be lucky not to get hauled away for unsafe discharge of a weapon. But you will wind up in front of a judge. Guaranteed... That is of course if you live through the home invasion. with joe's advice, two shots and your done. Some lady will be too damned scared to figure out how to reload the gun... " Just where in Hell did we put that box of shells?... I know we put them somewhere safe so the kids wouldn't find them!!.... How do I open this thing?" All the while hearing the intruder getting closer and closer. Yup... Great advise Joe.... You just may have gotten a women killed. And did you take acting lessons for that? Your great at laying on the sappy lines. You were so good at it, Tammy Fay Baker came to mind. And you did it without a tissue. ( I was ready to hurl before he was done.) " Just,,, just get a shotgun. (sniff ,sniff,,, with as much sorrowful emotion he can muster.)
Toggle Commented Feb 22, 2013 on When laws become lawless at Rebane's Ruminations
Here in Ca. where they will most likely pass the gun confiscation bill, how many "Ruby ridges" will we have? Maybe a "Waco" incident or two? You know full well there are some overzealous law enforcement out there. Hat's off to Missouri for bringing a bill to light that makes it a crime to bring forth a bill that attacks the 2ND in any way. In other words,, " We will SHOW you what happens." from the "show me" state. And LIB news still won't report that the mall shooting in Oregon was stopped by a person with a CWP. Nope,, that news will be kept as quiet as possible. How do I know this? A good friend of ours that relocated there passed that info on. Ya' might remember him.. Jeff A. ring a bell? Speaking of Jeff, I hear he is quite the celebrity up there. Our loss is their gain.
Toggle Commented Feb 22, 2013 on When laws become lawless at Rebane's Ruminations
Some of us Conservatives saw the bait and switch of Progressives when the "agreement" of giving "O" and Co. all that money when the deal ( with LIBS fingers crossed behind their backs) was struck. You know,,, big cuts in FED spending, while at the same time, hiking taxes. Now the Left just wants to raise taxes. Screw the Government spending cuts. Ya' gotta love the new description. " an agreement on a "framework" of future spending cuts." Then we hear Princess Nancy and "dirty" Harry saying " we have already made those cuts in spending, and we "just" can't cut any more!" Funny how we the commoners have to keep cutting to live within our means. Nope don't count on any real cuts by "O" and Co. They just want the House to sign a blank check so "O" can keep right on spending. Remember when I posted what Little Timmy said? " Just remove all ceilings on spending".
And just will happen with all these "higher taxes" from the state and FEDS? Pay down debt? LOL!!!!!! NOT going to happen. Just more wasteful and useless spending to make the lowlifes that are the main constituency happy. Here in Ca., Brown spent 2 BIL more right out of the box, and we have jack sh... to show for it. Now he got the suckers to pas his tax hike. Nor hard earned money to be pissed away on Progressive "programs". More ECO regs are soon to hit us driving up the cost of doing everyday business. So kiss even more jobs goodbye. Good job LIBS, you road map to destruction has just been given an express lane. So what is your master plan to keep employers from leaving the state? ( nope,, not going to give you any ideas on just how to do that.) A book considered fiction by Leftys is now what we are living. "Atlas Shrugged" is now the new norm.
More of the "transparent as mud" administration signs bubble to the top of the scum bath. "The name Richard Windsor may sound innocuous, but it is allegedly one of the secret “alias” email accounts used by Obama EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson. “That is the name — sorry, one of the alias names — used by Obama’s radical EPA chief to keep her email from those who ask for it,” Chris Horner, senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute and author of the new book “The Liberal War on on Transparency,” told the Daily Caller News Foundation in an email." Read more: The corruption continues wholesale. Get used to the high fuel prices. This is just what "O" and the ECO lunatics wanted. More drilling is one more lie from "O". The news is out about pulling the permits for tens of thousands of acres of FED land. Soon we all will be like " Sandy" victims in line with fuel cans.
Signs of vote tampering are now starting to rear it's ugly head. In many a precinct Mitt didn't get one single vote. Even out of tens of thounds of voters? (But a third party gets some?) Naaa... No monkey business and vote screwing. Only Progressives would think that wouldn't happen.
Well Doc, .308 is mighty scarce. ANY M14 is now two fist fulls of Jacksons. AR10? Few and far between, but they are out there.( I only found 5 today) A rumor surfaced that The Range up here had one on order. Sure as Hell... There was one due in soon. What model? They don't even really know, other than it's made by Bushmaster. But I forked over the quoted "out the door" price. Too bad I can't even start the paperwork till it shows up. So now I wait, so I can wait some more. So... Will it be bare bones stock? Or will it have some slight upgrades? No one knows. What a day.
Mr. R. I understand "your in the know" when it comes to fire arms. Question... If you had a choice between a good AR10 (.308) or an M14 scout in semi auto? I'm off to the gun show in the morning. ( both these fine weapons are now real hard to come by) I need a second opinion. Thanks.
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