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Good luck with the surgery, and let me know if you have any vision related questions concerning the retina (my area of research). DMEK are becoming a robust and reliable procedure, and most folks find improved vision and outlook.
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Darker yolk and albumen from free range chickens do not mean age differences. They are primarily due to diet differences with farmed chickens eating feed. Free range chickens get to eat insects, lots of insects which changes the flavor and the color profile of the eggs from more carotenoids and xanthophyls.
Man, That was my very first introduction to computing. I mowed neighbors lawns for two summers and bought in 1982, an Apple ][+, with the extra 16k language card, a modem, Disc Drive, and an Apple III monitor. That was my introduction to a wider world in so many ways. I wish I had that computer still. Thanks for posting this Diego...
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Oh my... you are absolutely correct! It *is* the new Saab 96. That's a riot!
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Oct 26, 2010