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I am actually thankful that I live in KS and do not have to (nor permitted to!) vote on this prop. Because of this, I have done some of my homework and have read many different views, however, have not researched as much as I would have, had I been able to vote on this legislation. I already understand that there is plenty of legislation regulating and closing down 'puppy mills' -- and that this has never properly been enforced. I also understand that there are no provisions in this legislation to protect the lives and well being of animals over the limit, as well as animals seized from puppy mills. In my limited research, I have read Winograd's thoughts on this proposition and he has stated that he would (unfortunately and relunctantly) have to vote 'Yes'. I am a huge Winograd fan and try to follow his views on all our animal issues. ie; I trust that he knows more than I about these issues. However, it is, for me, the same with you,Brent and Michelle, I am positive that you both have read more from Winograd as I have. Brent, you linked to two pieces by Winograd that I have read. I understand his need to vote FOR animals in every case. Howver, given the fact that we have no provisions (in this prop) for properly caring for the animals mixed up in this Prop, I thus do not understand Winograd's support. Do you believe Winograd's musings on this Prop are well thought thru? I think I recall that he mentioned the fact that there are no provisions for dogs (& cats) who are confiscated. Sheesh, I am in KS and I am confused! And I will point out that this is a popular and winning vote because of peoples' love and respect for animals. It is just that simple to them.
I haven't read all the comments, so maybe this has been stated already. We need to take the word 'euthanasia' OFF the table, except for the much less common cases where it may correctly be applied: When an animal is suffering and/or dying, and there is no hope of recovery or relief of pain and suffering.
and sorry: I think our final flyer says, 'Adoptable bullies and other breeds.' Like the sound of that a little better. I'll have to check our flyer in KCDA, OK?
Toggle Commented Oct 16, 2010 on Today's Paw Prints Radio Interview at KC DOG BLOG
Brent, I am listening to your interview right now -- THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DOING THIS!! And thank you for posting our flyer on your blog -- it looks so beautiful and exciting! Your post is awesome as is your interview, and all we doggie and kitty cat lovers appreciate all you are doing! GREAT JOB! I ESPECIALLY appreciate you calling BSL 'outdated'. It seems everyone wanted to jump on the bandwagon against American Pit Bull Terriers when that was 'the thing to do'. We need to keep driving home the point that this is no longer the 'thing to do' and that it is passe and outdated. LIke heck, only cave people support BSL.... THANK YOU!
Toggle Commented Oct 16, 2010 on Today's Paw Prints Radio Interview at KC DOG BLOG