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...not the right call.
Pass interference? Of course it was
I screwed up the blog link. Here it is:
Thanks for having me. The blog: Twitter: @ByCasagrande Thanks for the company and BaBa Booey to you all.
If that's all, I'm going to get back to building my hurricane bunker.
I've done athlete challenges in the past and learned my lesson in a video feature I did with a softball pitcher once. She made a chick out of me. I'd hate to see what Malcolm Lewis would do.
Good feedback. I'm always interested in opinions from outside the bubble.
Ahh, recruiting. I'll do my best, but that's a separate job itself. The current players/coaches make for 13 hour days already.
Good suggestions. I would really love to dig deeper into the personalities of the athletes. It can be difficult with the interview schedule, but I'll see if I can work around it.
Question for you folks: What do you want to see beat writers cover more? (And don't tell me positive news. I cover the news whether it's good or bad.)
About practice, we see about the same 15 minutes of uninteresting drills everywhere. It's really difficult to make any informed decisions based on what we're seeing here, there or anywhere. Those who pretend to make real evaluations are blowing a little bit of hot air. It's designed to show us as little as possible. I wish that wasn't the case.
Wow, somebody called me Mr. Casagrande. I think my dad is in bed and he won't be at the BC game. I'll be there, though. Drop me an email. Covering UM is quite a trip. It's very different from Alabama, but that's not bad thing. Not sure. Probably not.
My big plan is to carpet bomb you people with everything I think you'll find interesting. Video, pictures, practice notes, Springsteen lyrics, it'll all be there.
(I was totally kidding about Nick fighting dirty. Please don't tell him I said that. Please.)
Great question. Golden has the youth and reach. But Saban has that West Virginia scrap. And I bet he fights dirty.
Well, at Alabama, everything was choreographed down to how they drank water. It was a machine and nobody stood still except the kickers. Miami has some of the same elements, but it's not quite the theater Saban creates.
By the way, if anyone has Twitter, check out @ByCasagrande. That's me.
I don't take myself too seriously. I write about kids playing games.
The offensive line looks impressive. If Seantrel Henderson actually practiced, he'd be one of the most impressive offensive linemen in the country.
And to clarify, I've never been confused for a model of any kind.
The eyeball test is easily deceptive. You might look at me and think I'm a male model, but that's not true. But they look impressive in certain spots.
Not sure what goes on in the locker room. They don't let us in there anymore. But there's a vibe in the Alabama football complex that smells like confidence. It's not cockiness, but success breeds a certain aura.
I was in Alabama for the tornado last year and it was a life-changing experience. No damage to me or my property, but witnessing tragedy like that can change your perspective on life and humanity.
The Dude: It's all the same in light practice drills. The difference at 'Bama is the freshmen aren't usually expected to perform right away. They can learn then play. The 'Canes might not have that luxury this year. But, again, ask me in two weeks.
Sorry, I can only answer as a journalist. I don't think either side -- coach or school -- is truly married to each other for life. There are too many variables in this case. Four letters starting with N and ending in CAA could be a factor in all this. Just my opinion.