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The worst date I ever went on is the story my friends always beg me to tell. My boyfriend was in the Army and I hadn't seen him for months so at Christmas time I flew to his parents house in Colorado. Wanting some alone time together, we decided to get some milkshakes and go for nice drive with the sunroof open under the stars. After about 20 minutes of flying down the highway I started to feel very warm. And got hotter and hotter until I realized it was that dreaded heat that comes when you know you are really not feeling well. I told my boyfriend that I really needed to go to the bathroom. He informed me that the next exit was a few miles away and to just hold on. I couldn't. I said "You're going to have to pull over because I have to go NOW!" He pulled over next to some kind of field along the highway and I started sprinting into it to find some kind of cover to do my urgent business. As I'm running and searching there are flashing blue lights all of a sudden. A police officer approaches my boyfriend, probably to ask him why some woman is apparently fleeing his vehicle and headed for the woods, and then starts heading towards me asking if everything is okay. As I'm explaining to him that I am just not feeling well tonight (whenever you say that someone always assumes you mean vomit) the dreaded happens. Cannot be stopped, cannot be controlled, filling my pants and running down my legs unbeknownst to the cop or my boyfriend. I really don't know what was happening but I think the officer left after informing us that there was an exit a few miles away. My boyfriend walked up to me, saw that I was crying, and knew what had happened. He very sweetly said,"It's okay. Let's just get home." To which I had to reply, "I'm not done yet."
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Sometime in November, I was walking into the store and some woman said "Gonna be a Christmas baby!" Nope. I was due in mid-March. This comment so disturbed me that I asked my dr if I was too huge and there was something wrong with me. He told me that lady was an idiot. Love him.
I want to swim with the manatees,on my way to Harry Potter world while eating Fiesta Cheddar Jingos!
Oh dear god, this one has my vote!
Congratulations! I really wanted Mazzy to have a sister. They are just the best. :)
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Im not buying that Abby Cadabby is the first female muppet on Sesame Street. What about Prairie Dawn? She may be about as exciting as a snail but she totally existed when I was a kid.
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