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I am also having alot of the same problems as everyone else that has left a comment. I am really tired of not being able to load the game. It takes forever to load and then just sits there. I have to hit refresh at least 6-10 times before the game finally loads. What is with having to accept things off of the feeds now?? Click yes or no?? I wouldn't have clicked on it in the first place if I didn't want it. Then it takes you to your farm (that won't load) then you click to go back out to the feed. The Out of Sync and Saving your game things are also such a nusance because whatever you are doing at them time, farming collecting a gift etc you lose them. I cannot get into a co op to try to earn the gas for coins. I tried to join a co op that my mom was in and it would not even show on my list as being available. Some of the things that you fixed are great when we can get into the game to play but others leave a little to be desired especially for those of us with carpal tunnel, we certainly don't need all this extra clicking. I too may just quit playing FV and go back to playing FarmTown and the others full time. (I dropped them when my friends told me how much better this one is...... make that was!!!) Please fix things before you start adding new things. We definitely need larger farms for all of the items that we want to save for changing our farms around every now and then and there are so many more items we would love to have but of course they cost FV dollars instead of coins and with over half the nation on unemployment and no extra cash just lying around, we certainly cannot afford to buy the FV dollars. Besides, this is the BETA version, there should be no charges for any of it. You can ask people to donate, but you should not be charging them for it. I work hard for my coins, gifts and medals it sure would be nice to receive them all!!!!! So please take the time to fix the things that are broken then send out the new stuff. Also, how about rotatable items so that we can place it anywhere on our farms instead of being only to play it in one or two places. ie: The cottages I have to put them all on the left side of my farm to see the front door. What if I want it at the top of the farm??? It would take up too much room to place it there and room on our farms is at a premium since we can go any larger!!! I'll give it another couple of weeks and if I don't see any changes or they are worse, then it will be "Adios Amigos!!!!" I'm outta here!!!
Toggle Commented May 3, 2010 on Fuel for Coins! at FarmVille
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May 3, 2010