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I'd like to hear about Che, if you don't mind. All you've got. Thanks.
I don't believe that Republicans in general see this as a millenial election, but it seems the Dems/Lefties do. To become a Republican, one has matured to the point of knowing what is possible and being grounded in the mundane realities of making things work and knowing how far the ideal is from the real. The left, perhaps from a broken religious instinct, believe we could create heaven on earth if only we could get rid of enemies who keep it from happening. It seems to Dems the cardinal sin is racism, and so to nominate and vote for someone who is "black" expiates the chief sin of America. That will fix everything! Their gods will be mollified, and we can get on with giving everyone a high-paying jobs and universal health care. I couldn't get too enthused about John McCain, but I planned to reluctantly vote for him. But to hear Sarah Palin speak what hasn't been said, what W seems unable to say, was very satisfying! Her appeal isn't that of a god or prophet, but of a real leader who has core values I understand and trust.
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Two comments: "Whether or not Barack Obama can learn on the job may be crucial and the portents are uncertain." When the Soviets invaded Afghanistan to the surprise of then president Jimmy Carter, it was said "we need a president who doesn't have to learn on the job." Until then, Carter believed the Soviets were misunderstood and were reacting to a threatening USA. Afghanistan ended many Americans' naivete. "[And has any major MSM outlet noted that the earth has become much more productive of life with the increase in CO2? " I learned from an old greenhouse manager, a technique once used to help plants flourish was to saturate the greenhouse with C02. Result: more photosynthesis, more Oxygen production.
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