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Definitely! I'll be so excited to see it available!
Thanks! I'm super excited about this! Woo-hoo, Selfish Mom! I can't wait. Of course, you're a pro at this now!
Thanks! :-) It was a fun experience, and I'm glad I had the opportunity.
Oh my gosh!! How cool is that? I'm so glad you found my blog and photos to spot her! :-) Your sister played a big role in our memorable evening. We loved the pirate league experience - everyone working there made us smile. Please extend our thanks to her!
For us, the early 5:30 p.m. seating was perfect. We ended dinner each night between 7 and 7:30, with time to enjoy more activities. We converged on our stateroom each afternoon about 4:00 to rest/nap/get ready for dinner and found it was a good way for us to break up the day, and all get through dinner with alert/good behavior. The late seating was at 8:30, and went until about 10, allowing you a more leisurely afternoon and time for a potential long nap before dinner. (You can use the Oceanneer Lab or Club to drop off kids while you eat, if you'd prefer that option too.) After dinner, we were all awake enough to hit more activities. One night we took our son to see the 45 minute Aladdin musical, another night we attended a character dance party and photo opp, and caught a movie in lounge chairs up on deck, which the Kiddo LOVED watching a movie outside in the dark. Another night we dropped him off at the Oceanneer Club for a bit after dinner. One thing to note, though, is that the Pirate Party night didn't begin until 10:30, so that was a late night and gave us a lot of time to fill between dinner and that. (Which is actually easy to do with so much to see and do on the ship!) If I had to do it over again, and could choose, we'd stick with the early seating, but would just adapt our usual schedule if we were eating later. . .like by sleeping in each morning. ;-) Have a wonderful cruise!!
Totally worth a try! I know what you mean re: drying your lips out. This one hasn't dried mine yet, and it also hasn't gotten "sticky."
Ooh - how could I forget Choo Choo Soul?! Love dancing along. :-)
Thanks! Your insight helped me to decide :-) Noted - added "wiggle room" on things to pack with us. Hee-hee.
Thanks!! We're pretty geeked. Where do you get dramamine? Is it at CVS/Walgreens, or do I need to call my dr.?
Ha! I'd give anything to have lived somewhere long enough, or to have family in the area, so we could have in-person background checks on babysitters, or stellar school and doctor recommendations from people who know us really well. I LOVE that you have a family ring!!
Toggle Commented Aug 11, 2010 on Leading a Quietly Risky Life at Coast 2 Coast Mom
I've shared that tip with everyone who's asked about the show :-) Looking forward to trying it myself this weekend. . .
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Jan 21, 2010