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but this doesn't exist in RealDwg because there is no implementation of ApplicationServices but the docs don't mention that (they do mention this functionality, just as a tease) so if you paid for RealDwg just forget you ever saw this ok?
Save yourself a lot of typing (and clutter in your code) - Basically, using this, all you add to a plain class is the standard PropertyChangedEventHandler & OnPropertyChanged - all of the other code in the properties is added automatically when you build it. If you add public bool IsChanged then you get a changed flag as well with no extra work.
This sample is not out of date for RealDwg 2017. More significantly, there is nothing even remotely as useful as this included with RealDwg. Why not?
Actually, I'd say use a couple of decompilers and compare the results. Presently, DotPeek seems better at identifying Events and Reactive Extensions than dnSpy. Telerik's tool is also worth trying. I didn't try Reflector because, well, 3 free ones will do for now. There is no "best" for situations, perhaps only "best for this line of code"
The best decompiler is ... - that guy/gal (nobody knows) sure knows a lot about .NET & IL code.
For others who land here, make sure you follow the instructions at - I needed to run the VSIX to get the toolbars. It all works well now. :)
I think it may have been because I had no AutoCAD on the machine I tried it on (too long ago, I'm too old, don't remember). I tried it on a VM with AutoCAD 2007 - 2016 installed + VS2013 and it created a project ok, and I saw all the versions of AutoCAD in the dropdown. It did take a few minutes, I thought it had crashed, but that may have been a rogue extension. I haven't used Visual Studio in this VM in a while. Let me know if there's a log I can send you if you want me to. cheers Ewen
Aw, I wish TypePad would tell me about comment replies. I missed this. :( I will check this out for you - it may take me few days.
Solved. So I just did what anyone would do, fired up a Windows 7 x64 VM I had lying around, installed a Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate I had lying around and waited for the files to appear in the right place. You all have these things conveniently lying around, right? Or you are working with a version of Visual Studio that is 3 generations behind, right? Don't forget to tick the box for "Visual C++ MFC class libraries" in the installation options or the MFC dlls won' appear.
Where on earth does one get "Microsoft_VC110_MFC_x64.msm" and "Microsoft_VC110_MFCLOC_x64.msm" if they even the right ones for RealDwg 2016? I have to say the process of building an installer for RealDwg is the most half-baked, infuriating process I have ever paid (a lot) for.
VS 2015, create new projcet in C#, I get a message box "Sequence contains no elements" and no new project. :(
This has been discussed a lot at The Swamp. See and have a look at the other threads linked in the first post for a variety of approaches. I wrote Code Linker (it's on that Swamp link) because the housekeeping got too unwieldy with a lot of build configurations and phantom project references (see but I think different approaches will work for different people in different situations.
Iterating through the AttributeReference collection will miss the Constant Attributes, they are only in the block definition, not in the BlockReference.AttributeCollection. You will get the constant Attribute definitions when you explode the block but they are not added to toAddColl when you iterate the AttributeReferences and they are not added to it after you explode the block. Also "Then Else"? Is that an empty "Then" clause instead of a "Not"?
You had me going until "fluid dynamics" (haaaang on...) and (the winner) "Acoustic analysis". Nicely done, I thought it was very funny.
Toggle Commented Apr 1, 2014 on Autodesk announces microSuites at AutoCAD DevBlog
For anyone else looking for this project the source code is at
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Hi Mate The download link is dead and ScriptPro is missing in Action, FYI. Why? cheers Ewen
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I'm an "over the top" person myself but it comes with a risk... This may be mainly a "downunder" (Australia) risk - pun intended.
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Internally (in my head) I say "DaWG" and picture a happy puppy (hey, whatever delusion works to keep me amused) but I think most people are used to hearing the letters, D-W-G in this case, so that's my outer-voice answer.
Toggle Commented Apr 16, 2013 on How Do You Say DWG? at Between the Lines
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Perhaps you could get them to fix the "bug" in the App Store so they can post a notice instead of just disappearing without a trace?
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I thought the following was interesting from "The load behavior of the .NET Framework (i.e. which framework version is loaded) is governed by the .NET Runtime Execution Engine (mscoree.dll) – it’s not AutoCAD specific – so please review Microsoft’s documentation to understand the details of .NET Framework Runtime load behaviors. However, in a nutshell: Prior to Framework 4, mscoree would load the newest .NET Framework installed on the machine, unless an executable requested a specific (older) framework version. You can do that for AutoCAD by editing acad.exe.config. " It would suggest that .NET 3.5 is fine for any version of AutoCAD that expects the 2.0 runtime since v3.5 uses the 2.0 runtime. The only problem is if the end-user has edited their acad.exe.config file. cheers CAD bloke
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Feb 13, 2013
The problem with Xdata is that if it is attached to a block ATTSYNCing the block will erase it. This is mentioned in AutoCAD help library at,topicNumber=d0e199454 so it's not a totally robust way of storing extra data if it can be unwittingly erased.
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I've been running SSDs for years now in *everything* and I've found them no less reliable than spinning rust. I had one die on me out of the 6 or so I run. It was straight after a backup so I lost nothing. You back up often, right? Your code repos are in the cloud, right? Dropbox, right? I still run the original gen1 Intels I bought a few years ago. It was an OCZ Vertex that died on me but I have another 4 that haven't had any issues.. OCZ replaced it with a brand new one within 10 days over Xmas-NYE to Australia. Stick to the good brands and back up regularly and all will be well. And fast. They really are the biggest improvement you can make to any computer. Anandtech is a great source of info if you are researching. VirtualBox etc are awesome on an SSD.
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Be careful depending on XDATA in blocks with attributes - ATTSYNC removes all XDATA from blocks. See,topicNumber=d0e199454
This tool is great! Any plans to support Visual Studio 2012? cheers