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I forgot to add that I thought too much of the show, especially towards the end, was basically saying soaps are dead, please don't forget us. I just hated seeing these actors have to say this.
The best part of Tony Geary's speech was his joke about a reality show called Boob Jobs of America, or something like that. You should watch HUB just to see the Jem reruns (if they're still rerunning it). Finola's hair: "(it's always so bouncy and cute!)" On GH it usually looks like fried ass, but I thought she looked great at the awards. I admire you for still being able to care about the awards. I knew no one I really cared about was likely to win, and although the closest I got to annoyance was seeing Jonathan Jackson still look like a hobo and give the same speech he always gives, or seeing Chandler "SMIRK SMIRK YELL SMIRK SMIRK" Massey beat talented actors like Eddie Alderson, I know that these awards are rarely about talent. Kim Coles, much as I enjoy her work (from the 90's at least) just went on and on and I felt my will to live drain at that moment.
Frankly I'm amazed and happy they brought Deacon back at all. This isn't the first show Sean Kanan has had backstage problems on (if the B&B backstage rumors were true) and they have gone out of their way to ignore Deacon for years.
Toggle Commented Jun 15, 2012 on The Handsome & the Mistaken at Serial Drama
When Deacon first came on the show, he wanted Amber, and was involved with a crazy woman named Gladys who fell off a building while trying to kill Amber, or something. He and Amber came close to getting together, but she stayed with Rick. Then came Deacon with Bridget, and Brooke. After this he was involved with Macy for a while, until she was killed. Then he was with Jackie, which was his exit story - some nasty tale where Massimo made him fall off the wagon and leave town in shame.
Toggle Commented May 24, 2012 on Bill, My Favorite Person! at Serial Drama
"Actually Carl, the stories in your head are way too negative for me. I'm loving this show right now, because it's so damn SOAPY! " A mentally ill woman who lives her life for a mobster was raped by another mobster who traffics human organs and just killed his father. Another character is terrorized in prison because she confessed to a murder she didn't commit. A young woman is in prison because of a mental breakdown suffered from the death of her boyfriend and toddler. The story in my head mostly involves people like Lucy Coe or Tiffany or Lesley Webber. Not realistic, but not as negative as what is onscreen. But again, I'm glad you're enjoying the show, and I can promise you that this will be my last post on GH. "I'm not sure why Anna has to live in the same house as Emma to show she cares about her. And as someone who *does* need a certain amount of space in my private life to stay sane, I think her staying in town but not in their faces 24/7 is a much more practical and sensitive long term solution than forcibly inserting herself into a house already in turmoil. " I think that Anna should have been with Emma in the weeks after Robin died. I don't believe Patrick was in the right mind to be a full time parent and Elizabeth, Mac, and Matt had very busy lives and careers of their own. In time, yes, Anna should have moved out, but not so soon after this loss, not to sit around talking with John about his long dead, never mentioned sister, or to sit around talking with Luke about what he's going to name a restaurant. They just ignored the grieving with Anna and now it's back and I'm supposed to react, when I saw none of this for most of the aftermath of Robin's death. It seems forced to me. Anyway, I don't want to spoil marz's enjoyment of GH so I am going to just say I hope you enjoy GH and I hope it's on for a long time to come.
"So, do me a favor-watch that head show and let me enjoy this one," If you're enjoying the show then comments on this board won't change that. I'm glad you're enjoying it.
"I thought Anna explained that very well. She said that Emma wasn't Robin, that Emma's life was full of playdates, after-school activities, her father, that Emma's young life was being lived the way Robin's was. And I think that's a truth most of us can recognize, that childhood has changed. That children are "busier" than they used to be. That Emma isn't going to be available the way Anna thought she was." I don't see how childhood has changed enough to not spend time with a girl who has just lost her mother, whose father is in the midst of a nervous breakdown, and whose other relatives are working night and day to help Maxie with her endless problems. It was almost immediately after Robin's death that Anna moved out to "give space." How busy would Emma have been at that time? Busy enough so that Anna could spend most of her time with Luke and John? I think it's incredibly selfish to say your granddaughter "needs space" in these circumstances. No amount of play dates will change coming home to find no mother and a father who struggles to even find a coherent thought. "Some people appear to watch a show that isn't actually on. It must save money not having to need a TV to see the stories in your head which appear to be so much better than what the actual show is. " If that's the show where Anna actually cared about her granddaughter, please tell me the channel and time. I do agree that the stories in our heads are likely better than anything onscreen.
Anna can sob over shampoo but she dumps her granddaughter for months to "give her space."
Sean Kanan needs to stop tanning. Otherwise it's not worth watching. Bill is so much like Stephanie Forrester it's scary. And just like Stephanie, everyone around him is spineless and weak. Day after day of Bill berating his lackeys. What fun.
Toggle Commented May 24, 2012 on Bill, My Favorite Person! at Serial Drama
"I was boycotting OLTL (for ousting Kish, Rachel and Schuyler) during the Eli Clarke storyline, but I do recall him suddenly being evil. I'm not sure this is quite the same thing, but I guess we will see how this story plays out. I want to wait before I immediately judge." I might wait if I hadn't seen this story about five or six times now. Brody (twice), Eli, Hannah, Marcie. Sky and Ross also became nuts overnight. And of course GH's Ronnie, for no apparent reason. I think "Cartini's" high point was Ross, because he destroyed a canoe. The crazed canoe killer.
Toggle Commented May 24, 2012 on I'm Sorry--WHAT?! at Serial Drama
I don't really consider most of those adversaries. He had more of a rivalry with Nora than Bo. Everyone hated Carlo. He barely interacted with Victor Sr. or Mitch, and the problems with his father were mostly offcamera. The closest would be Patrick, but that was so forced as Patrick was written as a one-note superhero cutout the entire time. When I think of Todd I don't think of some type of epic feud. I think the character works best as an antihero, on the outskirts of town, commenting on stupidity. Carly and Sonny just aren't those types of characters.
Toggle Commented May 23, 2012 on I'm Sorry--WHAT?! at Serial Drama
"I want to see what he's going to do" Based on previous RC/FV stories, take a lot of hostages.
Toggle Commented May 23, 2012 on I'm Sorry--WHAT?! at Serial Drama
"- and if you are going to bring over someone like Todd, you are going to want to pair him with a leading lady - and Carly made the most sense." I don't think Carly makes sense for Todd's leading lady. LW's Carly has never had a popular romantic pairing (the closest is Jax, who was her lapdog) because she is just aggressive and pushy, not much else. She has her moments when she has tears in her eyes, the biannual reminders that she isn't a gorgon, but that's usually involving her kids. I also don't believe that Todd would ever be involved with her. So you are basically just rewriting his entire personality for a relationship that doesn't exactly have burning chemistry. "I do think it's interesting what's being set up though - Johnny was Sonny's adversary, a place now being held by a more formidable Todd and McBain (and I say more formidable because those two have more 'weight' than Johnny ever did under the writers) - and McBain is even poised to be a replacement for Jason if need be. " I don't see McBain or Todd as any genuine adversary to Sonny. McBain is mostly breathing all over Sam - his schemes against Sonny are usually fruitless and based on some dead sister no one knew or cared about. McBain is basically Taggart with more airtime and less personality. Todd has never had rivalries with other men, beyond sneering and making some sarcastic remarks. Sonny seems to be written as more and more of a sympathetic leading man. I wish they had never put Johnny into any big rivalry with Sonny or Jason in the first place. It has never worked, and is never entertaining, because Maurice Benard just tanks it. They should have kept Johnny with other characters.
Toggle Commented May 23, 2012 on I'm Sorry--WHAT?! at Serial Drama
This is the Ron Carlivati playbook. Instant psychos who can do anything and everything, all to avoid actual storytelling. Just say to yourself, "Wow, this is soapy! It's so soapy! Anything can happen!" and pretend to be amazed as months are spent waiting for other characters to find out about his wicked ways, so that he can take them hostage. The most obvious way that you could tell Johnny would fill this role was that the show called what he did rape. Ron Carlivati will twist and twist as much of the story as he can to make sure that "good" characters like Victor and Ford are not known as rapists. GH can revolve around criminals and thugs as long as we remember how "good" they are. Generally "good" means bored actors who phone it in and whose characters push scenes involving women being treated like pieces of meat and/or brain dead victims. These characters stand in place, with their mouths hanging open, until another instant psycho comes along to huff and puff.
Toggle Commented May 23, 2012 on I'm Sorry--WHAT?! at Serial Drama
This story, if you can even call it that, has been a lot of hysterics for nothing. Just to fill up airtime. Spinelli's behavior toward Maxie is disturbing, and Maxie herself is written as a pathetic child who must be patted on the head as she ruins lives. Unfortunately that is GH's view of women - three separate stories about pathetic, useless blondes who have no control over their own lives.
Toggle Commented May 19, 2012 on Lamest Murder Ever at Serial Drama
"I wonder if Starr's histrionics just didn't stand out in Llanview, where things were brighter and noisier and people often over-acted. Port Charles is a more somber, understated town by comparison." I don't remember Starr ever being this ridiculously OTT at all times. I think it's just bad melodramatic hamming because of lousy writing and lack of rehearsal time. Kelli Sullivan and Jen Lilley are the same way.
Toggle Commented May 18, 2012 on Psst. Starr. SHHH. at Serial Drama
I do think Roger Howarth has been pretty good since his return last year. (Sorry, there doesn't seem to be an edit feature)
Toggle Commented May 11, 2012 on A Happy Return and a Good Laugh at Serial Drama
"The biggest difference between Sonny and Todd to me is that Todd knows he's not a gangster or rapist or thug with a heart of gold. He has flaws, he acknowledges them, makes fun of himself, etc. " Then he does the same thing again anyway.
Toggle Commented May 11, 2012 on A Happy Return and a Good Laugh at Serial Drama
The Emmys lost all credibility years ago, but since OLTL chose the wrong reels, and since all of their stories collapsed about a week after being set up (as basically happened throughout RC's entire time as headwriter), I don't think they were robbed. I think the show should have gotten more since it is gone now and never had enough respect from the industry, but based on quality, I just can't give awards to stories like "Let's repeat the same flashback of Todd shooting Victor 500 times as Jack drones 'Scarface' and Tea bellows" or, "Ford's a really, really, really nice guy, who reads to sick kids and asked Jessica 12 or 13 times whether she wanted to have sex. Did we mention he's a nice guy?" And of course, pointless teen pregnancy #23, with the father offcamera 98% of the time while the mother rarely appears unless it's for screeching between Nora and Mother/Grandmother Evans. And my favorite, "If you're bullied, and stand up for yourself, your mother will die, and you'll have a complete mental collapse while your father is digging up graves. You'll then be written as the antagonist to that poor guy who killed your mother, but hey, all will turn out fine, and we'll see you again for about three minutes before you're shipped offcamera for good."
Toggle Commented May 11, 2012 on A Happy Return and a Good Laugh at Serial Drama
"I see it more with Anna and John and find John more likeable (because I really can't stand this smug ass character) with Anna but that's just me." That's how it always is with John. He is only interesting if the people around him have to do somersaults to hide Michael Easton's usual bored face. Kelly Monaco is not that type of actress so it's not going to work as well. So you just have two bored people sleepwalking their way through "How do I know you?" "You know how I know you?" "Jason, Jason...I know you from somewhere...Jason, Jason." John also has to be the best cop, with everyone else brain dead, because otherwise we wouldn't know how great he is. Anyone who actually shares a scene with John ceases to exist as a character, because any hint of personality or individual identity will wipe him off the screen. It's why he was a dead spot on OLTL and is about the same here. If people weren't so sick of Sonny and Jason, then he would be a complete flop.
It wasn't too bad, just absurd (hey, we both LOVE Bob Hope, because he's so popular with the kids these days) and a little forced. I just love that China Beach scene, and it made sense, as Bob Hope was such a major part of the USO for many decades. Sometimes I wanted McMurphy to go far, far away, but I loved scenes like that. Robert Picardo and Dana Delaney were my OTP on that show.
Toggle Commented May 6, 2012 on The Old and the Dutiful at Serial Drama
South Africa's top "soapies" revolve around the insane schemes of those with money and power. Stephanie Forrester is a tamer cousin of characters like Cherel and Barker on Isidingo, who, while running media empires, are also more than happy to do anything and everything to keep control, even if it causes their children to commit suicide. A typical scheme for Barker involves making a business rival think he beat a prostitute to death, and blackmailing said rival into giving up everything. Barker is also more than happy to murder business rivals. A typical scheme for Cherel is marrying and killing a rich man, then bedding and/or killing his sons to get them out of the way. Generations has Kenneth Mashaba, another power mad type, and a series of women who are more extreme versions of Brooke, like Dineo, who married Kenneth for money, sort of fell in love with him, but still had an affair with his son, went back to Kenneth, was spied on and emotionally abused by him to the point where she had him shot by a bodyguard. When he didn't die as planned, she whispered "forget what happened" in his ear each night, and when this wasn't working, she framed his brother (whom she would later have an affair with), finally resolving the matter by finding a money-hungry relative of a recently killed thug and paying said relative to claim that the thug had shot Kenneth. B&B is dull compared to this insanity but is the closest American soap. It's got fashion, glamour, and melodramatic situations which it takes seriously. There is no endless WE ARE A SOAP, HA HA HA HA winking. The biggest failing with B&B now is the lack of characters who are brassy and spirited, like the Spectras. Amber is too compromised to fill that role, although she comes closest. B&B is written like a 15 minute show, not a 30 minute show. The best 30 minute soaps knew how to write two plots per episode most of the time. With that said, I am enjoying the show more than I have at any time since the mid-90's. There is a dearth of patronizing and offensive "social issue" stories, Taylor and Ridge are not on my screen very often, Hope is sympathetic yet flawed and is by default their best younger heroine since the early days of Jennifer Finnigan's Bridget, and the show has given Steffy some depth and perspective instead of just having her smirk out lines about the "Logan women." Liam is kind of a jerk, and seems to be shaping up to be more and more of a jerk, but there's something about him which I still find likeable, somehow. I never liked Ridge. The main reason I cared about Brooke/Ridge/Taylor was Brooke. At the time, I was a big fan of Brooke's. I always wanted her to find a better man than Ridge, but was so annoyed by self-righteous Taylor that I didn't want her to lose him. Finally it just became so absurd and repetitive that I stopped caring, but I will probably always have a soft spot for Brooke (especially since the show seems to pretend that she has spent her entire adult life taking on all the men of Los Angeles). I don't care as much about Steffi/Liam/Hope, but I sort of find something to like about each of them. In that way, the triangle has worked for me, along with the much stronger scenes of Hope/Amber, and some of the stuff with Hope and Dr. Nora. I just wish Bill would get the hell off my screen. He makes my skin crawl. During that awful "Thanks for the Memories" sequence, did anyone else think of McMurphy and Dr. Richard on China Beach? I miss them.
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"Can we get back to Anna now?" We'd have to go back to 2003 to do that. I guess there's a reason for Connie's trashy behavior, but Carly is gruesome to watch. She seems to regress more each year, along with Laura Wright's acting ability. That type of catfight works more in a Flava Flav series. I don't think Kristen Alderson is a bad actress, and I do think she has chemistry with Chad Duell. I don't care about more of Starr's "singing" but I do hope her story will improve once she does the perfunctory apology and shame game with Sonny.
"ok, so now we FINALLY get the return of some of the veterans, and all we do is complain about them? I suppose if we ever get Jackie Zeman back, you'll all take pot shots at her appearance." People have always done that with Jackie anyway. I'm more annoyed by the lazy, cheap writing surrounding Felicia's parenting, and the absurdity of Anna running out to help her "old friends" yet again, than in Kristina Wagner's acting. She's automatically better than the likes of DZ, JMB, MB, Burton, scary orange man, Bensonhurst Sybil, LLC, and all the other ratings killers. At least KW reminds me of what GH used to be. "Concerning Kristina/Felicia's return, I just read on another site that "TPTB loved her work so much they have invited her to do more episodes." That same site apparently said that Starr and Kristina are "the new Dorian and Viki," so take it with a big grain of salt.
I don't think Kristina Wagner was ever known for her acting skills. She had one great moment, and then some OK-ish ones. She had an easy chemistry with most of the people around Felicia, and a likeable personality. Now that that's gone, and she's just there as a lousy mother who returns every few years to be burned at the sake, Wagner isn't going to be giving us Sarah Bernhardt performances. I'm more disappointed at just how flat Finola Hughes has been.