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I owned an 07 with the 5.7 and it had it's share of problems. Nothing real serious, but lot's and lot's of small things that I thought were first model year glitches such as radio, rattles and squeaks, terrible ride unloaded, vibrations at speed etc. We waited until 09 to buy another thinking they got all the bugs out. Boy, were we surprised. Not only were all the bugs still there, but now a new set of bugs. Most notably was the failure of the tranny pulling a 3500# camper a hundred miles west of Denver. Had to cancel the vacation. Flew 800 miles back to get the truck, bring it and the trailer home only to have the drive shaft snap twenty miles from home. Sorry Toyota, you and I are parting company. Only problem is I'm stuck with the truck for now. Ford dealer offered half of what I paid for trade, Chevy dealer was even less having an 08 on his lot that he claims he can't give away.
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Dec 15, 2009