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You boo... you make losers. You cheer hard... you make losers winners. If everyone is saying you suck all the time, even if you didn't you would suck eventually. You lift someone up and cheer for them and let them know you're backing them they'll always get better and be their best. If we really cared, we'd try to support them as much as possible. Do you think that when you're booing that just Bryz hears that? no... the whole team feels booed. So even if they did feel confident and their goalie didn't, the whole team would lose confidence. Think about it. We've all had someone in our lives who put us down... how do you feel after that? like crap. I want my team to win so I'm going to cheer no matter what... I want them to feel like winners before they even start playing. Watch the players in the games they dominate. They're smiling, you can see their confidence, we're cheering. When we start booing they get frustrated, their heads hang, they get mad and take penalties out of frustration, and their shooting is off. People do boo for their team in sports. Is it right... no way. If you really care though, you help who you care about to feel secure and confident. I don't think a lot of Philly fans REALLY CARE. I think the booers are selfish and they suck and ruin our chances of winning the cup. If any of my friends booed the Flyers in my presence, our friendship would be on the rocks. I care about hockey and the Philadelphia Flyers that much. Let's start REALLY caring philly fans and stop being fair weather fans.
Toggle Commented Feb 24, 2012 on CB Radio: Do We Care Too Much? at Crossing Broad
Eh, I don't know. Foreigners say things that don't translate well to Americans. I've worked with so many, it's a fact. They also think of things differently than Americans do. Not going to get into it but... you know... the universe is so big. So I think I get what he was trying to say. But really... it's not like he's going anywhere anytime soon. Why ever boo your own team? What do you hope to accomplish by doing so... it's not going to make them win. It's going to get them flustered and frustrated and they'll feel like losers. If you want them to win... treat them like winners. Cheer harder. I want the team to win the cup this year... I don't boo my team. I don't want to be part of the reason for their lack of confidence. Having masses of people booing you is going to make you suck no matter how good you are.
Yay! My favorite bromance ever reunited... and it feels soooo good. Bad move for the kings... good move for bromance.
oh yea... and it would help to have less turnovers and better defense which so far recent changes haven't changed much at all but I'm hoping they will soon.
Jess was right "Check the stats- our new players are performing better than both Carter and Richards." That and Carter always gets injured early during playoffs. It's not the trades that are the problem. It's when they all forget to play hockey. Kind of like in last nights gave vs. Edmonton. Where was the screening of the goalie? They had plenty of chances and blew it because they let the goalie see the puck coming. I know they can play better than that. Our goalie situation hasn't changed much... still a question mark, but you can't argue that keeping Richards and Carter was a better choice. I'm saying that and I loved those two the most (cause they're pretty) but eye candy doesn't help a hockey team. The new guys are doing better than they did... we just need more effort on screening so that all those people taking shots can get some through the goalie.
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Feb 24, 2012