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thank you so much for all you are doing, every little bit helps. im so scared for her but i know our babygirl is holding strong she wouldnt give up and yess ill message you on facebook now thanks again
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Mar 4, 2010
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Mar 3, 2010
ten months... ten months way to long our gorgeous brittanee went missing. it is so unreal to me, completely beyond words. this has by far been the hardest 10 months of my entire life. its crazy to think that i saw her in myrtle beach the day before she went missing, we had plans. we were all going to go out.. but that never got to happen. where is she? who could've done this to her? why did they choose her? these are just a few questions i ask myself everyday. everyday the thought of her fills my mind and completely sidetracks me from everything else. she is so perfect, so innocent, so young, so harmless. how could whoever is doing this to her, do it to her. why wont they let her go, why are there no clues? i miss her every single day. when i get on facebook and see a chat from her mom or her aunt it breaks my heart. i wish there was something more i could do. we need all the help we can get to get our gorgeous brittanee marie drexel back. for all that know her we know she doesnt deserve this and for those who dont know her all you need to know is alittle bit about her and you will realize it too. she had the biggest heart in the world and she wore it on her sleeve, she would go out of her way to do anything for anyone, she had the personality of an angel. we have all learned so much from brittanee and we need her back. so please keep her story in the news and keep it spreading, someone has to know something. i know she is being strong i know she is out there and she is okay shes holding on, so please dont give up we cant give up on her she deserves to be back with us. Thank You Caitlin
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Mar 3, 2010
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Mar 3, 2010