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I And that is something nobody else is. =)
Interests: Swimming! Playing Music, horseback riding, dancing like an idiot, photography, sleeping, flirting, working with animals, being outside, hiking, rock climbing, waterfall jumping, caving, camping, partying with my friends, rain or thunderstorms, puddle stomping, a good snow, true people, real friends, laughing my dog, horses, farm work, nice guys, good smelling cologne, love spell, winter candy apple lotion, peppermint anything, cuddling, cute underwear, tattoos, and hot chocolate on a cold day .
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Falling in love.... Why is it called falling in love? Is it because you don't mean for it to happen? You trip and you fall. You lose your balance and you fall. It just happens and know one ever means... Continue reading
Posted Feb 3, 2010 at Post the Love
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