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Bill, I agree with your point, but I want to point out the the John Birch Society is not gone. It is very active in stirring up fears and imagined threats that motivate a large number of people who are susceptible to the JBS messages, particularly in the west and south. The JBS adopted modern social networking technologies almost as quickly as did the Obama campaign. As a result, it can instigate mass mailings to congress, meetings of local advocacy groups, near-scripted newspaper articles and other activities that give the illusion of independent perspectives that hold to the talking points of the John Birch Society. Unfortunately for them, the name "John Birch Society" still connotes extremism and paranoia in the public eye so the best response is to publicize when public messaging is following a script prepared by the JBS. Being unaware of the behind-the-scenes work of the John Birch Society is to give it power it wouldn't have in full public view.
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