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Thanks so much for the good wishes, the bandages and all the support. You are so lovely and generous. I have to reassure you, though, that that article on debridement scared the heck out of me. They searched for the scariest pictures. Mine was okay. They numb the area with Lidocaine and the doc used the world's tiniest ice cream scoop to scoop out slough, the stuff the body produces to fight infection. Slough interferes with healing. They remove it many different ways depending on how serious it is. The ice cream scooper method is the easiest in my opinion. It was far easier than I expected because this wound doctor did not feel it necessary to scrape back the margins.
So this has been driving me nuts since yesterday and a friend finally came through for me. Helen Steiner Rice was the poet on the greeting cards.
Here is the URL - (only in the store pictures, not the more arty pictures)
As a Portlander, I have to disagree. After all, in Portland have our Urban Growth Boundary that limits expansion outside the metaphorical mainland. We have height limits on buildings so people can see Mt. Hood. Only prim limits restrict our buildings on SL. I guess the City Council permitting Mother-In-Law housing (what a ridiculous name) could be parallel to the low-cost, low-prim homesteads, but SL features anarchic constructs. Portland features anarchic people, but our building is very conformist. Seriously, you have no idea how unpopular people who build a house in our neighborhoods that do not fit the bungalow, Victorian, and Portland Foursquare style. If you want a modern split-level or ranch, you will be more welcome in the suburbs.
I have read a few articles by pedophiles explaining how their attraction is innate, comparing it to any other orientation. However, the analogy to the LBGTIQA community ignores the issue of agency and consent. Sex with a minor is an act of violence against children. It is not consensual and can never be consensual, so it is always rape and always wrong. I do empathize and wish we treated pedophilia as a mental illness, helping people to find better ways to control their criminal attraction to children before they damage them. It would be better if a person who is attracted to children could come forward before they damage anyone and seek therapy and guidance. Unfortunately, we don't really know how to treat pedophilia to "cure" it, but isn't that partly because we don't try, we prefer to punish. I read "Mothers of Sparta" by Dawn Davies whose son, while still a child himself was discovered to be a pedophile and sociopath. She and her husband are doing all they can to prevent him from doing harm, but their pain is immeasurable. In the title essay of her book, she contemplates being like a Spartan mother, killing her unfit son for the good of the community. She makes it clear his compulsion is uncontrollable for him, that they have to restrict his access to everything. While I think we must do better to help pedophiles not to give in to their attraction, that does not mean we can allow thm to damage children .
Masami, Think about the children is hardly a cliche when it literally involves children.
Whataboutism is seldom so literal. However, let's pretend for a moment that you have given a second's thought to those 2.7 million children with an incarcerated parent other than as a deflection from Trump's crimes against humanity and address key differences that make these bad faith deflection dishonest. 1. They were not taken away to who-knows-where in an attempt to inflict emotional pain and terror. 2. The parent had time between indictment, conviction, and incarceration to arrange custodial care for their children with family members. 3. A significant number of those children are still with one parent while the other parent is in prison. 4. They are allowed to visit the parent who is imprisoned. There is no comparison, but then your argument was never intended to be honest.
Trump and his advocates assume none of us know the difference between law and policy. Law is passed by Congress and signed by the President. The law they refer to was signed by George W Bush. However, how law is carried out is policy. The policy under Obama was to issue ankle bracelets to asylees and expect people to show up for their hearing. Nearly 100% showed up. DHS Data Tables … The ankle bracelets cost $36/day for monitoring and families stayed together. In April 2018, Sessions issued a new policy that "superseded all previous policies" as it proclaimed in the document. That policy required indefinite detention of asylees and family separation. Sessions went on television to explain that family separation was a deliberate choice because they believe it will be a deterrent. This costs us 139.40 per day adult and 775 per day per child all going to private prison companies who were huge donors to Trump. That's a hell of lot more than 36/day with added trauma and inhumanity. … Yes, under Obama minors were detained. Unlike these minors, though, they were unaccompanied minors who made the journey on their own fleeing the gangs and violence at home. When they were detained, being minors why could not just be released with a monitor and were detained prior to being placed with their family, foster homes, or being deported depending on whether they were granted asylum. This was a huge crisis in 2014 when the number of people coming spiked and was the result of the number of children overwhelming capacity. … The TIME cover is not misleading. Yes, the individual child was not separated from her mother. That does not erase 2053 who still are. You can't pretend they don't exist. Homeland Security itself gave that number. We don't have pictures of them because the Administration won't allow it and won't even allow the Red Cross in to see how children are doing. … Nalates says Obama didn't enforce the laws in the same post she claims he was the one locking kids up in cages. Pick a lane. This is the doublethink of authoritarianism where they assert two contradictory things. He did enforce the laws, he did lock kids up. Immigrant allies called him deporter-in-chief because he dramatically increased enforcement relative to Bush. As to sources, you cannot credit Nalates for providing sources when they are ones like Gateway Pundit. If you doubt that, google "stupidest man on the internet". No credit for citing the Daily Signal which labels itself as providing a conservative analysis of the news. Those are not news sources, they are not even credible partison sources. They are conspiracy-mongers.
He reminds me of Little Jack Horton, a possible inspiration.
OK, if you're talking classic movies in Marfa, how can you leave out Giant? That film is such a classic it inspired a film about the aftermath called Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean. Then there was this documentary called Children of Giant about the legacy of the film in Marfa.
It occurred to me that the Blommers' comment above could be forged by some troll. In that case, I withdraw the conclusion that Blommers' does not understand her own art and will instead suggest that the person posting under her name does not understand Blommer's art.
While I think Anuschka Blommer's art is evocative and intriguing, it is conceptually very different than Whiskey Monday's piece. Blommer is finding the erotic in everyday objects such as light fixture, piece of paper, or a book. That's brilliant and intriguing. It's disappointing that an artist as obviously talented as Blommer erases her own innovation. There's nothing particularly exciting about vaginal metaphors in and of themselves. That's been happening for a long time, even before O'Keefe. Blommer's innovation is finding the erotic without manipulation, in the quotidian. Monday is not doing that. She is creating a build that represents her vagina and the steep road to consent. The superficial similarities are dwarfed by the conceptual distinction. Monday's work is not emphasizing the erotic, but the process of consent. It's almost as though Blommers does not understand her own art.
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Mar 10, 2017