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- Governor '18: Greg Abbot (R) vs Julian Castro (D) - Senate '18: Ted Cruz (R) vs Michael McCaul (R) - Senate: Cruz (R) vs George P Bush (R) - Senate: Cruz (R) vs Julian Castro (D) - Senate: Cruz vs Joaquin Castro (D) - Senate: Cruz (R) vs Wendy Davis (D) - Senate: Cruz (R) vs Annise Parker (D) - President '16: Clinton (D) vs Cruz (R) - President: Clinton (D) vs Generic Republican - President: Trump (R) vs Generic Democrat - President: Trump (R) vs Obama (D) - Question along the lines of "As you know, marijuana is legal in WA/CO/AK/OR/DC and will be on the ballot this November in CA/AZ/NV/MA. Would you support a ballot measure legalizing recreational marijuana in Texas?"
Toggle Commented Aug 11, 2016 on Texas Question Suggestions at Public Policy Polling
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Aug 11, 2016