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Just Obama's desire to take military action in Syria on the side of the rebels, is one more piece of evidence of his affinity for the Muslims, esp. the radical jihadis. Think back to the Green Revolution in Iran -- not a word of support for the Greens who wanted democracy. But Arab Spring, with the Muslim Brotherhood and their like rebelling against the governments in power -- oh yes, Obama was all for them! Even now, he's still favoring the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. In Afghanistan, Obama imposed Rules of Engagement that made it difficult if not impossible for our troops to defend themselves. More deaths in Afghanistan under Obama, in just over 4 1/2 years, than under Bush in 7 years and a few months. Where are Obama's loyalties? I see little evidence of loyalty to America, our allies or freedom. If not the country he is president of, then who?
He wants to die so he'll go to heaven as a martyr. That's why he should be sentenced to life in prison(or 13 lives or more), no parole, solitary so he can't dawah any of the other prisoners. Same privileges or lack of as the other prisoners. I'd be fine with him getting same diet as the others, but they'll probably respect his "religious" dietary restrictions.
Presidenty stuff? You mean like play golf?
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Like that idea! Could they barbecue outside in those big barbecue things that look like metal "barrels" laid on sides and cut lengthwise down the middle? MMMMMMM, can you smell that delicious barbecue pork aroma, clear down the block to both corners, and beyond!
And you think the IRS will do anything to him? The Obama administration is infiltrated by Muslim Brotherhood, and Obama himself is sympathetic to the Muslims and Islam, probably thick as thieves with them both. We must resist Obama as well, non-violent civil disobedience as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., taught. If violence erupts, it must be the other side, and we must not descend to their levels. If we answer violence with violence, we lose credibility and more. If we answer it with passivity and love for humankind (not love for their barbarous religion), we stand taller than they ever will, even if we are lying on the ground.
I heard Dr. Daniel Shayesteh speak, and he is very impressive. If you have a chance ever to hear him, I strongly recommend it. He lived Islam, he was in Hezbollah, he fought in the Iranian Revolution under Ayatollah Khomeine, and he later learned that the liberty promised by the Revolution was a lie. He KNOWS the nature of Islam and Muslims, and he tells the truth. Word about the symbolism of the mosques must be spread to those who do not know, and those who have heard but do not believe must be convinced. This atrocity on Park Place MUST NOT BE BUILT. The Muslims who want to destroy our country and make it part of the caliphate MUST BE RESISTED, with our blood if necessary. I pray to our Lord G-d that He may have mercy on our sinful nation, for the sake of those who believe and worship Him.
I just finished the book, "A Child al Confino," the story of a Jewish mother and child who fled Vienna days after the Germans arrived, and ended up in Italy in "internal exile" in a village in southern Italy. The author mentions that Jews who were placed in villages in northern Italy, areas where the Nazis took control, were shipped off to camps. An elderly couple who were confined in the same village as the author, were moved to Milan upon the petition of their children who had connections. When the Nazis took control of that area, they, with about 50-60 others, were taken and massacred. The Nazis finally took control of the village where the author and his mother were living. Four times the Naxi leader requested a list of the Jews who were living there, and each time the mayor put them off. We can presume that if the mayor had not protected the Jews in that manner, that they too would have been shipped off or killed. Last night I watched a program about IRA collaborators with the Nazis. After the end of the war, it was discovered that the Germans had lists of the Jews in Ireland. (I don't remember if it was by name or simply locality.) Apparently this was prepared for the time that Germany would conquer England and take control of Ireland as well, and export their extermination plan to those islands. The increase in anti-semitism today should concern us all who believe in equality and freedom. We must be prepared to stand up and defend the Jews, whether in isolated incidents of persecution or in institutionalized programs.
Agree with Laminin Cross, "his jihad" is much better. Are there women you can quote, "her jihad" has a nice flow! Frankly, the "#myJihad" in the original ads jarred me. I think the color scheme is nicer, too -- besides better differentiation from "their" ads. Good work, Pam!
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One of the important questions, precursor to Benghazi, is to ask WHY was Obama supplying weapons to the Libyan rebels, who included Al Qaeda and others who fought against our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq -- in other words, Obama was supply WEAPONS to our ENEMIES, which is treason.
Hope they have a bunch of pollwatchers. I can just imagine the intimidation that could take place -- just being there could be intimidating.
Pam, thank you for your dedication to freedom, to go and take that kind of treatment in order to bring the message to those who otherwise won't hear it, most likely. You have great bravery and I respect you greatly. You said 1 person got the message. There may have been more. I think it is important that when they booed you and you told them about our people begging for help and being denied, that the audience got quiet. If you had not been there, many of them might never have heard that. I believe it is crucial that all Americans hear what truly happened at Benghazi. I know some will not believe it, but I believe there are some inclined to vote for Obama who will change their minds when they hear what he did.
Toggle Commented Oct 28, 2012 on Rancid Brand: Russell's Jihad at Atlas Shrugs
Is it possible that Obama DIDN'T know in real time, because he declined to read the emails, view the video from the drones, or listen to anyone trying to tell him that afternoon/evening? "Plausible deniability" except in this situation it's criminal, and besides treason he should be charged with accomplice to murder for not sending in back-up troops. As narcissistic as O is, I can see it -- "Don't bother me, I'm too busy right now."
The wife probably IS a different woman when she's with her sister -- free to be herself, not intimidated or abused perhaps, not afraid of what her husband may do.
I usually can't stand listening to Obama, but my anxiety over this election compelled me to watch the debate. I am glad I did! Romney was so obviously more knowledgeable about economics, business, workings of government, so much else -- but we all know it's because he's worked real jobs in business, he served as governor and probably did a whole lot more than O has as pres. He was courteous and pleasant, but he did make some points agst Obama, like saying Obama should have taken Bowes Simpson and run. Obama came back with they were tweeking Bowes Simpson and will be presenting it to Congress, Romney pointed out he'd been pres for 4 yrs, why didn't he do it sooner? I feel more hopeful about the election after this debate, we just might get Obama fired.
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I am a Christian, and Jim Wallis DOES NOT speak for me! I do not subscribe to his brand of Christianity, which has much in common with Jeremiah Wright's (Obama's pastor in Chicago, of "G-D America" notoriety). Jim Wallis, like so many others on the left, have blinders on, or blindfolds. I am so frustrated with people who simply ignore what the radical Muslims, like the Brotherhood, say, or what Obama and his staff do. If the worst happens and this country goes under, there are a lot of people I'm telling, "I told you so!"
Toggle Commented Oct 1, 2012 on "Stop talking!!" at Atlas Shrugs
Hate crime -- what an overreach. No one was hurt, except their feelings and "sensibilities." It's a prank, ill-intentioned no doubt, but hate crime? Really. But then, the Ft. Hood shooting was "workplace violence" -- it's 1984 newspeak.
Hope that IF Romney's campaign deigns to answer CAIR, the reply is, "None of your dam* business." This is so unbelievably presumptuous and arrogant of them! But enough politicians and officials have kowtowed, deferred and catered to them, they expect it of everyone. I hope that conservative candidates will be informed and wise enough to put CAIR and their "friends" in their place.
By her religion she doesn't have to stand for ANYBODY? Would she stand in honor or respect for her husband, the ruler of her country, the imam of her mosque? We all do things we don't HAVE TO do. I think the next question should have been, does she ever stand for any person, despite not "having to." If she ever stands for anyone, then not standing for the judge becomes not a religious matter, but her choice, and the contempt order should have been upheld. In my opinion, anyway. A similar example would be Jehovah's Witnesses who do not salute the flag. They do stand respectfully when everyone else says the pledge of allegiance (at least when I was in school many years ago, maybe not now in these upside-down days). And what about when we are in a foreign country and they play their national anthem. Don't we stand in respect, although the anthem means nothing to us and we owe no allegiance to that country? We often do things we don't HAVE TO do out of simple courtesy and respect. But how silly of me, SOME Muslims have no manners and don't do anything out of courtesy or respect for the infidel. Claiming religious exemption is too easy. It should not be a matter of "I say my religion requires or doesn't require this," but a matter of PROVING that the religion does or doesn't. If it can be proven, accommodation is given. If not proven, no accommodation.
@Ryan M: I was going to respond to several of your points, like Ron Paul supporters being the majority (why didn't he do better in primaries and caucuses then?), but I decided I don't want to encourage you. Your post was full of poppycock. Romney is not the one I'd choose for president, but he and Obama are NOT alike. For one thing, Obama is a Marxist and Romney is not. Judging by his actions, Obama has no love for America; I do not know of any action or statement by Romney that would indicate the same for him. Those are just for starters. And as I said above, even if Ron Paul were to be elected, how will he achieve his goals without a cooperative Congress?
Toggle Commented May 24, 2012 on Paul's Planned Putsch at Atlas Shrugs
@courtney: Suppose that Ron Paul were elected to the Presidency. How likely is it, do you think, that Congress will stand with him? Without Congress on his side, how will he get his agenda approve? For ex., past efforts just to audit the Fed. Reserve have not been approved in Congress, how will Paul get it abolished? Unless Congress buys into his agenda (or gets bought themselves by Paul supporters or whomever), Paul will not be able to do what he says. Unless he "governs" by fiat and executive order, a la Obama.
Toggle Commented May 24, 2012 on Paul's Planned Putsch at Atlas Shrugs
I attended the GOP state convention in Maine as a delegate. It was the first political convention I had ever attended, and the only way I can describe it is fiasco and farce. There were 3000-some delegates, a large number just registered in the week before the convention. I suspect that many (if not all) of those were Paul supporters. They had the majority, and they voted in their desired slate of nat'l convention delegates, got all (I think) the committee and other positions that we voted on. They had people with green "YEA" and red "NAY" signs that were held up for each vote -- to make sure the Paul supporters knew how to vote. So much for thinking for yourself. I am obviously not a Paul supporter. Don't care for Romney either, but if he's the GOP nominee he gets my vote -- gotta get Obama out of the White House, or any other Democrat for that matter (since if for some reason Obama can't/doesn't run, I suspect Hilary Clinton would be the likely nominee). What I saw at the Maine convention was almost frightening. What was reported above reminded me of my experience. The Pilgrims, the Founding Fathers, as well as others in the modern day, believed that America was a unique country, guided by Divine Providence, a new Covenant with G-d like the Covenant of the Israelites with Him. It might be, I don't know enough to say one way or the other. EXCEPT, I know this country has turned away from G-d, and when Israel and Judah did so, they were punished. I could easily believe that Obama is our punishment; maybe Ron Paul is part of it? Lord, have mercy on us.
Toggle Commented May 24, 2012 on Paul's Planned Putsch at Atlas Shrugs
Another of Obama's actions that cause one to question where his true loyalties lie. Not with America, IMO, not with American troops, not with our allies and friends.
@A mid easterner: The use of the word "Allah" for "God" is not the main point of the article. It is the substitution of other terms for "Father" and "Son" when those words refer to God and Jesus Christ, which is the main point of the article and the reason for the petition. Substituting other terms for Father and Son strikes at the essence of Christianity.
What these agencies are doing is pure, anti-Christian (and anti-Christ) heresy, maybe blasphemy? How can they authorize such bastardized "translations" and still call themselves Christians? They ought to pay more careful attention to the texts they are translating, such as the 2 verses you cite: "Who is a liar but he that denies that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denies the Father and the Son" (1 John 2:22). "But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father who is in heaven" (Matthew 10:33). They are making themselves liars, deniers of Christ, and endangering their own salvation. There is no excuse for re-interpreting sacred Scriptures. They are cutting out the essence of Christianity, the sacrifice of G-d's own SON for OUR sins, Christ taking on Himself the punishment we deserve. And they think to win converts with a watered-down, false Christianity? Woe to them. Let us pray they see the truth and repent of these "translations."
Thank you, Abdul-Hurriyah, for all the information you have shared with us. Knowledge is strength. It is frightening how many Americans do not understand what freedom is and what it demands of us, and are willing to sell out our Constitution and our country in favor of "tolerance," "multiculturalism," "diversity," and what-not.