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I am deeply saddened to hear about Clarence. He was a great musician and saxophone player and he will be missed. I still have the song he did with Jackson Browne in the 80's-YOU'RE A FRIEND OF MINE and he brought great spirit to the boss and the E STREET BAND-the man was a rock legend. I even once heard somewhere that he use to play with my favorite 80's band Journey in the 80's a few times which if that is indeed true-then that makes me happy,anyone that played with Journey back then is definitely a hero to me as well. I will NEVER FORGET Clarence and the magic he brought to many with his god given talent and my heart goes out to Bruce and all those he touched and my thoughts and prayers are with them and all his loved ones. REST IN PEACE FOREVER-YOUR LEGEND WILL FOREVER LIVE AND YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN.MAY GOD BE WITH YOU ALWAYS AND MAY YOU ROCK THE KINGDOM JUST AS YOU DID HERE ON EARTH. YOU WILL BE MISSED BUT ALWAYS REMEMBERED FONDLY-WE LOVE YOU ALWAYS.
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I too elaborate on what some of the fans are saying-as I have been sitting here reading all the replies and thinking long and hard analyzing it-giving it some major serious thought. It's not that the fans dislike Pineda or Augeri-it's these are fans that grew up listening to Journey-even me starting in 1981-7 years old. PINEDA and AUGERI will never be STEVE PERRY-Steve had a certain something extra special which neither one of these guys has. I saw Journey live in 2003 when Augeri was leading them here in Michigan at THE SOARING EAGLE CASINO and Augeri wasn't holding the notes where they needed to be held, he wasn't making contact with the audience, and he stood in 1 place most of the night not to mention where the guys really went wrong is they decided to play BLACK MAGIC WOMAN during the show and though Santana was a small part of Journeys' past-the fans didn't want to hear it and I saw most of the fans leaving and walking out on the show when they started playing Santana songs. You can't replace a voice like Steve Perry-I am a music student and I was listening closely and on quite a few songs Augeri was not holding the notes and he was off key in a few tiny areas. The fans wanted to hear stuff from when Steve Perry was leading them and Augeri was just not fulfilling that need and nobody wanted to hear Santana. Steve Perrys' fans will never be able to think of Journey as JOURNEY without Steve Perry-the fans are extremely loyal to Perry and in our eyes JOURNEY DOES NOT EXIST and will never exist without "The Voice" and they need to pay attention to what the fans want to hear when they are playing and Santana-though loved-but in a PERRY FAN'S MIND-all they want to hear is Steve's stuff he did with them.
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