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This reminds me of a joke I was told about 20 years ago when I was in the military. We were listening to a presentation on Iran being made by a FLSW (First Lieutennt Staff Weinee)in which the phrase "Iranian naval threat" was actually uttered with a straight face. Afterwards, an NCO came up to me and whispered, "Iranian Naval threat -- what's that? Three ragheads in an inner tube with a hand grenade? A blind mullah on a jet ski with a Claymore (mine) strapped to his head? What the f--k was he talking about?"
Toggle Commented Sep 28, 2011 on Iran to Send Warships into US Waters at Atlas Shrugs
"Fatah" means conquest in Arabic, not invasion. It comes from the word "fataha" to open; and of course a conquest is, in a sense, an opening of another territory to your purposes. "Qareeb" means near or close at hand (and "soon" I suppose) So the meaning of the sticker is more like "Victory from Allah, and conquest is near"
Musical tribute to the Christmas "Ball Bomber" (nice touch, Pamela -- hiyoooo!) (With no apologies to Jerry Lee Lewis, who I assume would approve) You shake my nerves and you rattle my plane Your desert sect drives a man insane Your nuts are grilled ... Oh, what a thrill Allahu Akbar, great ball on fire! You fell in love with that Wahabbi money Your mission came and you blew it, Sunni You took a match .. and scorched your patch Allahu Akbar, great balls on fire Well, roast 'em jihadi .... Oooh, feels good? Guard 'em jihadi ... I wanna bust 'em like an infidel should You tried .. 'bBout died I'm gonna tell the virgins that they're fried all fried I'm pinning your arms and I'm breaking your thumb I'm scared to death but it sure is fun C'mon jihadi .. beseech the Al Mahdi Allahu Akbar, great balls on fire!
"Judeophobic" Never saw that before but it's perfect. Use their asinine phraseology against them
"With additional sourcing by dhimmi extraordinairre, Karen Armstrong" Oh, BING! I've read her tripe, Pamela: It reads just like this encyclopedia entry. And lest we forget, the very FIRST "authorative" work published about Islam after 9-11 was Armstrong's dhimstrocity "Islam" which was trumped up into a bestseller. There are times when I start thinking that you're going too far with this Islamic infiltration of our institutions, PG. Then I remember Dhimstrong's "bestseller", and realize that you're probably not
In what other circumstance can you be killed for leaving a certain group? I can think of only two other circumstances -- slavery or an army during a time of war. I think the war comparison is most apt. To a Muslim converting to another religion is tantamount to treason or desertion in the face of the enemy-- why else would a death penalty be authorized? Because Islam is a faith that is on a perpetual war footing. Oh, but that can't be -- Islam is the religion of peace. If that's the case, libs then Islam must be slavery. So, which one is it, libs -- war or slavery?
Toggle Commented May 3, 2010 on Freedom Buses are Rolling! at Atlas Shrugs
Tribute to the would be bomber from "Azizi Topp" called "Waiting for the Blast/Mohammed Left Medina Have mercy .... been waitin for the blast all day Have mercy .... been waiting for the blast all day I got my brown cellular phone to make blasphemers pay Have mercy .... the streets be packed up tight Have mercy .... the streets be packed up tight Well, I'll be sending the infidels to the Fire tonight Allah .... that bomb didn't turn out right Allah .... that bomb didn't turn out right Well, I'll be missing on my chance to see the virgins tonight (DA DAAH! ... do doom do do do do do ... DA DAAH! Mohammed just left Medinah ... and he gathered round some jihadiin Well now, Mohammed just left Medinah ... and he gathered round some jihadiin Warring on one clan after another ... and all tribes in between Took a sword to the Qurayzah ... well, bloody town square became a shrine Took a sword to the Qurayzah ... bloody town square became a shrine Then on out to Khaybar using terror as his design Aaah, take me with you, Muhammad!! You may not see him in person ... but you'll kill for him just the same You may not see him in person ... but you'll kill for him just the same You don't have to worry cause terror and violence was his aim
That qualifies as hate speech? If that's hate speech what would you call this dispatch written in 1899 by a young British officer named Winston Churchiil? Doesn't that say it all -- about Islam and about the state of the West? The man who saved the West from the worst tyranny ever seen would in this day and age be arrested for writing one of the most prescient and concise analysis of Islam ever commmitted to print
The tactic of al-hijra added significant territory and population to the Dar as Sallaam. Generally speaking, the arid or semi-arid areas of the Islamic continent from Pakistan to Morocco was conquered in the first wave of Islamic expansion which lasted from 635 to 750. Then there were subsequent mini waves which added Turkey, the Balkans and India to the fold -- The Balkans and India were subsequently rolled back, of course. But the areas of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Sub Saharan Africa werer Islamicized through Al Hijra. Muslim Sufi merchants and preachers led the way in starting conversions and influencing conversions by means of trade ties. Muslims eventually began migrating to these lands and consolidated the inroads of the Sufi missionaries. Eventually, over the course of a few hundred years, the aggressive Islamic faith came to dominate these regions. So, "Al Hijra" is certainly not a figment of PG's fertile imagination.
Right you are, Tom Bilesley. Wearing the hijab is an assertion of extreme adherence to Islamic practices which would also stipulate that a woman never leave the house without being accompanied by her husband or a male relative. It goes without saying that the male would also drive the car. So the whole issue is bogus, meaning it is Islamic lawfare. The vast majority of Muslim women, outside of theocratic states, don't "hijab up" Moreover, Muslim women emigrants in the West never wore the shroud until the last ten years or so. Clearly this is a sign of Muslims probing the West for weakness
If ever you needed more proof that liberalism is madness on a historic unprecedented level, Nick Clegg's remarks should furnish it. The fact is, Britain is one of three nations who should get equal credit for saving humanity from Nazism. If Britain surrenders in 1940 after the Fall of France or fails to bluff The Third Reich from attempting an invasion -- Hitler wins. I base that theory on the fact that Hitler came within a hair's breath of defeating the USSR in spite of the fact that he had to commit 20% of the Third Reich's resources to defending against British air attacks. Imagine if he had been able to commit everything. I never thought I would see the day when Western liberals would actively attack the people who sacrificed all to destroy Nazism. I always knew they would ignore it and keep the history from being known so that they would not be diminished by comparison to those events. But demonizing the people who saved you ... incredible
@ Slice. We conducted a neologisms contest at about 3 months ago and those were some of the Islam related entries. Here are the others Islamolusion, Islamodeluded, Islamolusionary(Same as muslotic, musloid or Islamophrenic, ad nausea) Hussein asylum - Sectors in Western society where Western musloid islamolusionaries help to propagate Islamospew and muslodrivel. Shall also be referred to as Al 'tard as salaam CAIRicature -- Muslotic labeling of people such as Pamela Geller or Robert Spencer as Islamophobes by Hussein asylum organization CAIR (just made that up) For those who wish to increase their lib abusing word power Here are two links to our neologism contest
Hmm, last sentence in my previous post looks a little incoherent "And when the infantile muslotic or musloid or Islamophrenic commentators hurl the word Islamophobe at us, we can refer to them as "Islamotools" Or maybe we'll save that one for fools who value religious diversity over the safety of our troops. That's looking better
Why do we get buffaloed by this made up word Islamophobe anyway? Here are a few made up terms that we ought to hurl back at them Islamophrenia, Muslophrenia, Quranophrenia, Muslosis Mental disorder characterized by inability to understand the plain meaning of various verses in the Quran and Hadith and its obvious connection to current events in the Middle East. People afflicted with this disorder shall sometimes be called "Islamophrenic" or "muslotic" or "musloid" or just plain "muslo" And when they infantile muslotic or musloid or Islamophrenic term "Islamophobic" we shall then refer to them as "Islamotools"
So are we on to Step III of the plan to expose how advanced the spread of malignant liberalism truly is -- the part where courts make a mockery of their own ludicrous re-interpretation of the the First Amendment and rule against you What then -- will America somehow have woken up to what's going on as a result of this? Sadly, I'm beginning to think we're at the limit of who we can "wake up" (in time, that is)which is about 50%. The other half is deep in a Koolaid like psychosis or a Soma like stupor.
If nothing else, you're achieving a secondary goal -- exposing the extent to which cancerous malignant liberalism has spread in this country. What do you do next? Sue on First Amendment grounds to expose the absurd, biased standard that's always been behind First Amendment absolutism?
Ever since I saw the phrase "leaving Islam" a tune had been buzzing in my head but I couldn't put my finger on the song's name or lyrics. I finally got it. Here is your song jingle for the campaign from "Goodbye old Paint, I'm leaving Cheyenne" With a fatwa on my head and hate I can't stand Goodby blind shaykh, I'm a-leavin Islam I'm a-leaving Islam, with a cross in my hand Goodby blind shaykh, I'm a-leavin Islam I'm a readin the Gospel, I'm a-learnin God's plan Goodby blind shaykh, I'm a-leavin Islam Though a fatwa's on my head, this hatred won't stand Goodby blind shaykh, I'm a leavin Islam With faith in kind strangers, my life in their hands Goodby blind shaykh, I'm a-leaving Islam
Know your Islamic Rights at work? Since when does Islam allow women to even work outside the home? How many Muslim women hold jobs in Saudi Arabia?
Sarastro - I was an Arabic linguist and Middle East analyst for the Army 20 years ago and in all that time, "piss be upon him" never crossed my mind. So either I'm a total unimaginative hack or you'e a genius. I always went with "Alayhoo Ash Schalong" (The big stiff one be upon him) But the thing is, I was thinking of submitting a manuscript of nutty cartoons about Mohammed to the Yale Press, with the title "Wackiest Mohammed (piss be upon him)Cartoons of 2009" I think that's the exact sort of edgy material the Yale Press is looking for. Of course, I would need to get your permission first
SHALOM, ISLAM! (wa wa wa WAAAAH!) Put that on your bus, Pamela
Atta girl, Pamela!! Let them know, if you come to America, we're coming for your children. The worst thing imaginable could happen to you, you could lose your child to Christianity. So stay put.
Let's stay focused on the picture. Has any President of the United States ever stuck his finger in the chest of another head of state? Has any previous president ever behaved in such an arrogant manner. This PICTURE is damning beyond belief!! It needs the widest possible dissemination, Pamela Not to disparage the great things you do, but this picture may be one of the most significant things I've ever seen at Atlas Shrugs. I think it's potential to harm Obama is that great. Because his most distasteful personal attribute to Middle America is his arrogance.
I'm sure people can show examples of atrocities carried out by pro-apartheit groups. But the point of all this is the international media always covered those things when they happened. I can also point to the Zulu atrocity of "necklacing" which was frequently practiced on Xhosa tribesmen, which the international media never covered. Is there anything more atrocious than burning a person's face off? But never mind that. A more significant question I have is -- if apartheit was so atrocious, why was there always net immigration INTO South Africa during those years. People generally don't undertake a hazardous journey toward an atrocious situation. And if apartheit was so atrocious, why was there a catastrophic, almost unprecedented drop in the life expectancy of Black South Africans AFTER apartheit was gone. Of course, that last sentence is me being a tricky conservative. The black South African population suffered this loss in life expectancy because their saviours, the liberal West, gave them the gift of sexual liberation without the necessary public health organizations to cope with the consequences of this attitude, which almost led to the annihilation of these groups. Oh, but I'm beginning to sound like a lunatic defending white South Africa with facts and questions that can't possibly be answered or rebutted I apologize
Toggle Commented Apr 5, 2010 on Genocide of White South Africans at Atlas Shrugs
So the Catholic Mass and Eucharist Liturgy I attended this morning is in the final analysis an allegory for a Passover Seder, Ms Geller? Makes a fella think. While I sort it all out -- God bless you on this Easter day, Pamela. I still haven't gotten over how gracious you were in judging our contest at iowntheworld
Toggle Commented Apr 5, 2010 on Peace And Happiness On Easter at Atlas Shrugs
I would say that the al Aqsa mosque and the Dome of the Rock are special cases for several reasons. First a fundamental tenet of Islam is that it is the final revelation of a series of revelations that started with the Pentateuch. Moreover, the Quran is also a corrective to corrupt efforts of the Jews to distort the initial revelations to glorify themselves (Talk about a case of projection!) So it is vital for Islam to have a symbol for this thesis. And what better symbol than to build an Islamic shrine on the ruins of the Jewish temple. Moreover, it can also be seen as settling accounts with the Jewish Arab tribes in Medinah who were initially intrigued by possibility that Mohammed might be a Jewish prophet but later changed their mind after seeing him up close. At which point, of course, they openly defied the Mohamster and worked with the Meccans to bring him down (and almost succeeded) And so the Dome of the Rock and al Aqsa mosque also serves as a momunent to victory over a mortal enemy. Accordingly, I would maintain that Al Aqsa is a special case