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In the Facebook TOS it requires your account is created by and for a real life person. A large amount of people who use SL like to keep it separate from RL. I have a fake Facebook page and i never use it, but i am breaking their rules. (with fake accounts allowed it opens the ability for advertisers to take over, with their spam, think Myspace). I doubt Facebook integration will even work with most SL communities. And as for point and click movement yes it is already in the viewer, and the way it is now , with normal key movement is how it should stay, point and click is just moving backwards. All I know is in my experience as a user of computers and software, anything worth doing takes learning and practice. If you make SL too easy , it will attract the wrong crowd, mostly people who crave instant gratification from a game. P.S. As for the name PLEASE CHANGE IT! I feel like a loser telling people i spend so much time on a design platform creating things for a world called Second Life, as if my first one inst good enough or, I'm trying to get lost in a new life, I'm here to create, not to escape, just happens this platform is online and i can share it. Second Life is not a Game. Oh and a final note, with this whole mesh thing, forget importing please please work with Autodesk and get an editable mesh INSIDE the world , i know you wont make as much money but , the whole process of designing since sculpties came out, its so tedious and takes more software and its a real pain in the ass just to make something simple come out clean inside of SL. Also take some hints from the phoenix viewer team, they have implemented so many good additions to the viewer that it is asinine that they arent in the normal viewer.
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Feb 9, 2011