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Sylvie Calvet
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I believe nothing is worse than being deprived of one's freedom when one is innocent ! for such a long period of time ! and in the land that symbolizes Freedom to the rest of the World ! As it is for parents . I don't understand how American people can accept such a Justice system that creates so many wrongful convictions ( over 250 exonarations since DNA tests ) recently 28 exonerees from DEATH ROW marched together against Death Penalty that USA is the only western Democracy to still have death penalty in the 21st century , and such a repressive Justice system , where Judges , D.A.s and sheriffs 's elections do not help for Justice to be serein and subject to convictions intended to please the electors whithout any regards for the one who is used for the result . " One is Innocent until proved guilty !" and so many wrong convictions and polices abuses are unworth United States of America : electors can ALSO use THEIR VOICE to make it VERY clear in a free land !
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Jul 27, 2011
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