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I'm in awe of people who know themselves and their God-given talent / purpose. Incredibly, this 50 year old is sometimes a 3 and sometimes a 2 on your scale. Each year that passes makes that fact more pathetic, I know. More depressing, too. When I think I'm heading in the right professional direction, I can't seem to settle on something long enough to study it, pursue it, live it. There are some things I'm naturally good at, like photography, writing, even my IT job, but each of those has been a disappointment in one way or another over the years. How can any of those things be profitable, sustainable and meaningfully useful in the service of my God, my family, and my fellow man? I can't help thinking that I was built for something else, something that will really fire me up, something that will make a significant difference.
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Jan 8, 2011