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Cameron Sower
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To Townya Mayers, I was diagnosed with dysgraphia after I failed my eighth grade year. If you want to get your sons school to both recognize and assist him; you might need to do what my parents did for me. They went to the school with the threat of a lawsuit if they did not get me tested. I realize that this is no small task but if your child does have dysgraphia you might be able to save him from a lot of pain in the future. I can say without any shame or humiliation that if my parents hadn't gone that far for me I would not be pursuing my dream of a doctorate in psychology right now. Your son is probably incredibly smart he even may be to the point of genius like myself. I believe that it is your responsibility to do everything in your power to make sure that your son is given every possible chance to succeed in this world. I wish you luck and hope for the best in your struggle for a better future.
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Oct 8, 2011