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@Mola & Che Sunday, Which Parameters are you people talking about? Before Mola floats the ABC of Journalism around he should first ensure that his own reference to Parameters is A-for Accurate!!! What Satellite transmission parameters are we talking about here? A simple Symbol Rate,Polarity and Frequency data set? are these figures that change everyday? NO! Let us school ourselves I challenge anyone to convince me that a satellite signal was impeded by a mobile phone mast. First these two technologies work on different frequency ranges 800 to 900 MHZ for mobile phones and 3000+ to 12000+ for satellite transmission Second the lower power transmission modes of cell site technologies ensure that the signal does not depart too far from the target cell meaning a reduction in the likelihood of interference. So Mola please do your homework well when you seek to do a PR job for those nation wreckers. There are educated and informed people on these blogs. Peace
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Dear Tayong/United States of Africa, Your Reference from Jean Francis Belibi's article in Mutation says it all in the second paragraph and i quote: "L'on n'a donc pas fini de dénombrer les réactions à la mise en place par le chef de l'Etat des organes dirigeants de Elections Cameroon (Elecam) les 30 et 31 décembre derniers. Après celles de la classe politique camerounaise et de la société civile, l'on a enregistré celle du Commonwealth à travers Lord Avebury, présenté comme le président du groupe de campagne pour le Cameroun." La Classe Politique Camerounaise includes SDF. This is their approach: 1 - Appeal to the Conscience of Paul Biya. This is an administrative process the francophones refer to as "Recours Gracieux" 2 - In the likely event that 1 fails move on to the court system that is likely to adjourn the case until after 2011. Those are the only legal options SDF can take and this has been done already refer to Joshua Osih This Weekend on Equinoxe TV (10/11 January 2009). Are you suggesting a military take over or a rebellion? Are you in Cameroon? Is your family in Cameroon? Someone on this forum suggested we go the way of DR Congo, maybe if we visit Congo we can see for ourselves the effect of war. War cannot be the answer, only the enlightenment of the masses can be effective. Mahatma Ghandi defeated the might British not by might but by boycotting the interests of the British. 1 - Lets start by identifying all the business interests supporting the regime and boycott them. When they feel the pain in their pockets they'll think twice. 2 - Lets seize every opportunity to expose the hapenning in Cameroon to the international community att conferences seminars etc. 3 - TV Stattions and Radio Stations in Cameroon should be supported to broadcast online so as to give a sense to Cameroonians and other friends of Cameroon a feel of what is going on in Cameroon. My 5 Franc Comments
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Nkem, Thanks for your kind words. A few thoughts crossed my mind as i read your reaction to my post: 1 - I agree with you, Biya is not Our Problem but he is part of our problems, I Dare Say A Big Part. That doesnt mean even with Biya in control nothing can be done to better our lot. On the contrary much can be done to make things better even under his watch. 2 - In seeking to avoid bias you fear contradicting yourself. Do Not fear for the conflict between established ideas and new ones has a name: Creativity. 3 - How far gone is Ghana? Good question. To give you a comparative perspective Please Search for the CIA World Factbook and do take a critical look at the figures. Alternatively you may use these links (In the links below please change xx to tt and yyy to www; this is done to avoid web crawlers) please use this link: hxxps:// for Ghana and this other link: hxxps:// for Cameroon A visit to the CIA World Fact book reveals that Cameroon is wealthier than Ghana (at least for 2007 figures PPP GDP 31 Billion USD for Ghana and and 40 Billion For Cameroon) However in terms of democracy and the achievements of Ghana in terms of the tools which are used to defend that democracy please look at the number of FM radio stations for Ghana: 86 FM stations (2007 estimates..currently it's about 100 stations) FM Radio Stations for Cameroon 9 TV Stations 7 for Ghana (1 was added recently making 8 and 2 more are in the offing) TV Stations For Cameroon 6 I suppose now we know why its easier for Ghanaians to defend their democracy How much does it cost to start a community radion station? Why Can Cameroonians not get together and start radio stations? I am told UNESCO can support these community radio stations so it is likely if you develop a good plan especially involving accountability you are likely to get a radio station for FREE. Cameroonians must sit up. On another note I do not agree with you that when people invest time and money or simply any effort into a project they should not benefit from the project. On the contrary, profit is a formidable motivator and indeed people should "Tchop" from projects that they build and work on. My only warning would be that they should make sure they are accountable for all their "Tchopping" decisions. The communities within which these projects are found should ensure that they have a stake as community members in the operations of each project within their community. I suppose the point i am making is that personal benefit and community development are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Dear Nkem, I HAVE A QUESTION FOR YOU WHO IS YOUR MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT? WHAT IS HIS/HER NAME? WHERE DID HE/SHE WORK BEFORE BECOMING AN MP? WHAT ARE SOME OF THEIR POSITIONS IN TERMS OF PARLIAMENTARY WORK? WHAT PROMISES DID THEY MAKE WHEN THEY WERE CAMPAIGNING FOR YOUR VOTE? We can ensure that the 8 Million they get every year is used appropriately. We can use private newspapers for this. We can also use Private radio stations since the government media may not necessarily be interested in this (i must say we are assuming here, they just might be professional enough to pay attention to it). If we challenge the Private TV stations to target achievements of all parliamentarians and investigate their projects for broadcast that would put some of them on their toes. I tell you the CPDM will not cover for any MP that brings disrepute to the party. They will consider the value that you bring to the party. If it doesn't add up to the bad publicity they would get, i bet you they are going to let the fellow bite the bullet Now you also suggest that we kick out MPs how do you propose we do that? perhaps by exposing their incompetence as i suggested in partnership with the TV stations and radio stations. However we go about it, we must make sure people regain faith and interest in the system so as to come out massively and vote MPs who are found wanting out. The Douala V elections were apparently won with a voter participation of about 30% how shameful! Those were my 5 franc comments. On another note i do
Watesih, I am thankful that you take the time out to give us your comments on issues of national development. However, i would prefer that we avoid insults and attacks on personality. Lets get to the facts on the ground. I strongly believe that Nkem is No Laughing Stock and that he indeed is entitled to his opinion. Please be gracious enough to grant him that.
Dr Ntuba I appreciate your comments and the similarities you draw between leadership in the Bible and what we should be witnessing in Cameroon. I agree with you to the extent that leadership must bring CHANGE in the community and in the position of leadership itself. I also agree that God called Joshua to replace Moses however i would like to draw your attention to two facts:(See JOS 1 Ver 1:8) FACT No 1: Joshua was not to depart from the law. Joshua could only have kept the law if he was aware of the law. The lessons we could draw from this include the fact that we should all partake of the processes of national development. It doesn't take a ministerial appointment for Cameroonians to Buy a newspaper and read the finance act (Budget) each year. In Short The Best Way To Defeat a System is From Within. FACT No 2: The Lord Gave Unto Joshua a certain framework within which to work. Joshua Could only occupy from the mediteranean to the Euphrates (Irak etc). However they were to occupy only the land that the sole of their feet did tread upon. What Lesson are we to learn from this? Effort, Yes my friends effort. Cameroonians need to acquaint themselves of the law and DO SOMETHING TO CHANGE THINGS. E.g. The Public Investment Budget for Dschang revealed that last year money was assigned to Common Initiative groups that existed only in the minds of those who awarded the grants. (See Ashou Tellatih 3 Million Francs) Usually, this money would have gone AWOL unnoticed. How was it possible this time to notice? Because the councillors decided to scrutinise every disbursement. In the same vein a while ago we read that SOWEDA had allegedly not been able to consume almost 40% of its assigned budgetary allocation. How many of us "enlightened" ones have been able to submit proposals for funding to these institutions? I could go on and on...take Rumpi Project for example...allegedly they have not been able to consume their allocations because of lack of project proposals submitted? Shall we be as responsible as citizens in the USA who rose up as one man to impose a "Negro" or Black man on the "White house"? Shall we be as patriotic as the Ghanaians who have recently replaced the ruling party with an opposition party after 8 years? How did they do this? By reporting all suspicious events during the elections to FM radio stations which had 24 hour broadcasts. If Paul Biya and the CPDM want to "pretend" to be democrats lets call their bluff...let's dare them
All the elders in the forum, I greet you. I am shocked at the strange similarities that exist amongst us. We so easily indulge in self gratification that we loose focus of our purpose. Perhaps we should look closer to SW/NW for solutions to our problems. There are people on this forum that would rather focus on people than on institutions and that is a problem for many countries not just Cameroon. Lansana is Dead God Rest His Soul. Who's Next?
Ignorance my bothers will finish us in this country. The answer is simple. Stop using power from SONEL. Organise yourselves in little groups and build your own hydro power plants from your villages. No one should be made to travel from Kake or Nake to come pay bills in Kumba. Use solar Panels etc I hear SOWEDA returns money to chest because there are no project proposals to be funded...well for all the smart guys here's your project
Hi Red Flag & VW I can only congratulate you for your insight! Very beautiful piece there indeed VW. However If we should take up arms for example, what good would that do for us without the support of the "major" powers as they seek to be known? If anything they are the very reason we find ourselves where we are today. Never forget that "He who beats the war drums must be ready to dance the war dance" When picking a strategy for ourselves we must be sure that we can hold the stern to berth. That said my suggestion is to continue renewing our creative spirit to invent and produce goods of economic value to enrich our communities. As you are aware development partners have been building water projects and support electrification projects in Cameroon for a long time. We must focus our energies on these. If your creativity and entrepreneurship is stifled by "The Occupant" please leave the country. You do not have to go to Western Europe or the Americas, East, West and Southern Africa all have countries that will welcome your talent and support it. South Africa, Kenya, Botswana, Angola, Nigeria, Ghana, Cape Verde All come to mind. As Red Flag mentioned in our world today, not just cameroon it is the Argument of Force and not the Force of Argument that triumphs, however i must remind you that the Argument of Force speaks a certain Language, that Language is "MONEY". So my brothers and sisters may we look back at our history today, hold our peace, be still and STRATEGISE. Remember: A Noisy River May be Toyed With But Only A Fool Would Approach a Silent Lake With Wanton Abandon Our Silence Shall Be Greater Than Our Noise ======================= Cameroon Obosso!
Hi All My First Joy is the fact that so many people have been moved to respond to this news item. The next step in my opinion is for people to vote during the next elections and remain by the polling stations to PROTECT their Vote. No one will do it for you...As the saying goes, the price of freedom is perpetual Vigilance. Cameroon Obosso!
I find it very Interesting that we would bicker here about English. A foreign language. I also find it Amusing that some people cannot comprehend the wisdom which a man shows when he adjusts his weapon to aim better. However what i find SAD is that nine (9) months later, none of the contributors to this BB have cared to find out how the project went. Does anyone get my point?