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What a lovely simple plan. Thanks for sharing. I am in Reception and I am in turmoil now. Currently i have seperate letters and sounds, literacy input plan, maths input plan and them something similar to what you have but much more complex as we have LI and success criteria on for the rest of the subjects.Also i have CP Do I need all of these? How can I make these more simple. Also I love the idea of planning on a daily basis-it makes sense but currenty i would find this unmanageable with my planning formats. Please help
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Hi, have been following your blog and you have inspired me. I am a Reception teacher and would love to implement some of your planning and ideas. I have just made the cold water dough and it was so easy. Are you going to let the children have access to making the dough all of the time? I love the idea that they make their own but I imagine at first they will all go mad making it. I thought I would sit with pairs of children to work with them to follow the receipe at first but would you limit it at all? Currently I am using 'topics' but that are chosen by the children. At the beginning of each topic, the children come up with their own questions for us to explore during the topic. I plan for CP from my observations and their interests (not linked to the topic). I do mini interviews with the children quite regularly so I know who/where and what they enjoy doing. I know I should try and move even more away from any topics but I find that is more manageable to do this. I find that there is so much to fit in with phonics/maths/shared read/write daily plus guided reading/writing/ maths not to mention PE, circle time. I would love to see a weekly overview of a Reception class if that is possible. Thank you in advance.
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Sep 1, 2010
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