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I liked Nino's outfit too! Oh well... I noticed that Nino was a bit quiet too, maybe because he doesn't feel the need to since the others do the snarky comments already? :P
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Oct 29, 2010
(okay so I just finished watching the whole clip :P) Nino got exhausted!!! I could see him panting in between the matches! But he is really amazing!!! Especially when he was against the huge guy O.O And how they resolved the last match was LOL. I'm happy, though, that Nino won!!! ^_^
omg! soooo cute!!! (Actually I saw your tweet that Nino won, and I was waiting for someone to post it, and thank you for posting the video!!! <333) Yay Nino winning!!!! <333 Ohoku twitter and Arashi producer are also very cute!!!
Its only now that I got to watch it, so thank you!!! <3 I loved the Aimiya moments in VIP room and Nino is just so cute in the next segment ^_^
Waaaaah!!!! Thank you very very much!!!
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Sep 8, 2010
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Sep 8, 2010