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Garydausz, "The difference is that an american would not try to lecture a german about how his country really is and tell him that his view of his own country is incorrect whereas there are too many germans that feel justified to do this to an american." I'm not entirely sure I understand what you mean. Can you give me an example? ""The fact that our biggest ally simply doesn't love us, hurts." If you do refer here to the american attitude towards germans I think you are completely wrong. I have always found the americans very much in favour of germans and germany. I have never witnessed any anti-german remarks whenever I had been to the US." I was being only a little bit facetious here... but if you've never encountered anti-German remarks in the US, then you are very lucky. Have you been in the US after 9/11 and the time leading up to the Iraq invasion? Man, I've taken some heat in that time. And before. And after. Yes, many Americans react positively to my being German but on the whole, would you say we as a nation are loved, generally? Even by our European partners? Grudgingly admired, maybe. But actually really liked? I don't actually believe that this lack of admiration is the sole reason for German anti-Americanism. There are many reasons, some stemming back to the Cold War (see Peace Movement, the feeling that Americans were "occupying" Germany), some more recent (Iraq), some are more general (environment, death penalty), some are very specific (Bush). Oh, well. @icarus: Yes, Hayastan. Yerevan, to be precise. Come visit! ;-)
Presenting my credentials first: German, married to US American, Expat. Spent large chunks of my youth in Turkey, have been living abroad with my husband and three kids for over six years now in Serbia, Romania and currently Armenia. Lived in the US in 1988 (Florida) and intermittently in 1997-2001 (New Haven, DC). Now, it would be nice to have a decent discussion about this post and not have everybody frothing and throwing spittle around. Can we agree that ignorance is a human trait? Therefore, both USians and Germans have their share of ignorance amongst them. I have heard outrageous comments about either country from the respectively opposite side of the family. I've heard staggeringly stupid comments from Germans about the US, and vice versa. But that is not the point here, is it? We are talking about MEDIENKRITIK (sorry for yelling). We are discussing (or ought to, anyway) the anti-American bias in German media. At the moment, it sounds more like a one-two punching game -- "You are more prejudiced than we", "but you have really bad prisons", "and really nobody likes the Germans anyway". The Spiegel has always been very leftish and has always been anti-American. I find it very troublesome that this attitude has spread all over the German media landscape. Naturally, there is more attention paid to US affairs in Germany than the other way around (sorry but we are just not that important). Is this the problem? I am stepping out on a whim here and say that deep down, we Germans really just want to be loved. The fact that our biggest ally simply doesn't love us, hurts. Everybody thinks of pasta and Latin lovers when they hear "Italy", everybody thinks that Danes are blonde and cute, everybody thinks of sunshine when they hear "Spain"... and Germany is full of sourpusses, has bad weather, and everybody eats Sauerkraut. One factor, yes, no?