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toyota prius plug in will be on sale on 2012 ,next year,at a price around 25000. and if toyota is smart enought theyll have a ethanol prius version ,which do it complete ecologic, 0 co2 emisions,. volt hurry up ! if you want to compete with that.
the auris hybrid of toyota do 75 mpg, and is cheaper 18k .
i doubt those numbers,in 2003 there were no ethanol now 10% of gasoline is blended with etanol so consume of gasoline have down more. the oil lobby work hard to hide the down.
are they giving back all the money the government gave them ?
the auris hybrid of toyota is even better in milage than prius
yes i agree with dashpool this information is biased to make think the prius is not a success.what is totally wrong .a car is profitable since sells more than 100 thousand,so the prius 2.4 milions sold is a success. by the way noruega is the country with more hybrids on roads.
great news solar power is getting better for days in a cuple of years will take passengers
hybrid dont do noise when go electric ,the fuel cars yes people forget the noise is a big problem in cities
what a bunch of horshit you can read here the tesla roadster sell 1000 cars a year and cost 100 thousands dollars a cheaper car like volt would sell 50thousand a year there is market there are people who want to buy them there is oil companys who dont want they sell much all oil companies have shares in mercedes ,gm etc,, they boicot any mass produccion it is obvius
thank god other hybrid to chose
great ! good news for swedish congratulations you are one step nearer to be oil free 50% of the buses totally oil free
this is stupid and late suzuki should be doing small electric cars a swift all electric would be selling milions and make them rich lets hope dont be too late for them hybrids today dont make sense
congratulation to swedish !! good work biofuels function perfectly in sweden and you produce all electricity without petrol only you use oil in car ,when the electric cars being produce massive in 4 years you wont need oil. good work !! i applaud you
this car is perfect for european cities dont know what are they witing for to sell 40 cars is very few they can sell thousands in europe dont know why they dont produce more
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May 28, 2010