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Relax! - Achieving Immortality already is not a problem at all - I got the Key to our Biological Immortality - Staying Absolutely Healthy All the Time, for Infinite Health = Immortality (8,500 years guaranteed) - By doing just an exercise for a minute a day, that cures and prevents any Diseases, known on Earth, even Aging and Radiation Disease, for every cell of our bodies is shielded 100% from any external/internal (genetic) detrimental impact (any Viruses and any other Pathogens are killed the moment they touch us) - Doing this exercise for just a minute a day, in less than a month everybody will become Infinitely Healthy, Radiation-Proof (fit for deep space missions) and Immortal - Like the Gods who created us humans - I will describe my Discovery to everyone, who sends me an E-check for One Million US Dollars (money can be negotiated).
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Jan 13, 2017