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Kansas City metro area
Web-savvy, techie wife in Kansas City who enjoys family, travel, shopping, and social media optimization.
Interests: blogging, web design, swimming, traveling, scrapbooking + photo preservation, Sandra Bullock movies, theme parks, shoe shopping, non-fiction books, magazines, reality TV, Ms. Pac-Man.
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Image Credit There is no denying that social media is an integral aspect of many people's lives. The average person uses social media to interact with others, share information, engage with news content, and entertain themselves. According to platform statements, there were about 240 million social media users in America in 2020 alone. Like any other technology, social media continues... Continue reading
It can be tough to keep your house at a comfortable temperature all year round. In the summer, it can be too hot, and in the winter, it can be too cold. Many people spend a lot of money on their energy bills trying to keep their house at a comfortable temperature. The following blog will discuss some tips that... Continue reading
It might not be the optimal outcome, but when you recognize health problems in yourself and, later, have them diagnosed, there’s no point in trying to deny the reality. Your health landscape has changed considerably and so too should the way you treat yourself. If you have been diagnosed with a chronic health condition, whether it’s heart disease, diabetes, or... Continue reading
Buying an old property can be a great way to save some money in the housing market. And old house, if not in perfect condition, usually carries a lower price tag than new builds. And because of that many first time buyers can be seriously tempted! And as you know, there’s a lot to research about buying a new home... Continue reading
Creating a healthy lifestyle for your family can be both exciting and daunting. It’s crucial to have all of the facts before you get started to set yourself up for success. This blog post will discuss some of the basics of creating a healthy lifestyle for your loved ones. We will cover topics such as nutrition, exercise, and mindset. So... Continue reading
Friendships matter, especially as a parent. Having friends who are also parents can really help navigate the choppy waters that come with raising kids. It can feel both comforting and validating to have friends who are available to vent. If you don’t feel like you have friends like this, it can like you’re missing out. It is possible to find... Continue reading
As a parent, you want to make sure that you are teaching your child the right things. There are many valuable lessons that you can teach them, and it's important to start early. This blog post will discuss six of the most important lessons that you should teach your child. These lessons will help them in life and will set... Continue reading
Image Credit Sleep comes naturally to children; they seem to have no problem getting some shut-eye irrespective of the circumstances, whether the dog is barking or in a moving car. However, sleep is elusive for many American adults, with the Cleveland Clinic reporting that insomnia symptoms occur in about 33% to 50% of the adult population. It is no secret... Continue reading
The idea that children should learn to complete chores for some abstract reason, such as duty or responsibility, sounds fine on paper, but it has very little practical application in a child's life. It just does not work as a plan. There are, however, practical methods you can take to urge your children to do their tasks. One of the... Continue reading
There is something truly revitalizing about coming home to a fresh and clean atmosphere. Whether you have experienced a long and difficult day at work, or you simply want to relax and unwind after a busy week with your children, there are so many ways to freshen up your home in an instant. Organizing your household jobs sooner rather than... Continue reading
Pexels - CCO Licence Owning your own home is a good way to secure your future and provide your family with a stable place to live, but it is not all roses. Being a homeowner can be tough from the seemingly endless maintenance you have to do to spend more time than you ever imagined you would need to keep... Continue reading
Image credit ‍ In recent years, weather extremes have become more frequent and more intense. These changes come with a high price tag: According to the National Weather Service, record-breaking weather events cost the United States an estimated $95 billion in 2021 alone. As a result, it’s essential to be prepared for the worst and take steps to minimize the... Continue reading
Whether you’re making the switch for personal values or because you want to adopt a few healthier eating habits, making the switch to veganism can be pretty tough. You need to learn to live without a few of your faves and to find the replacements that can slot into their place. When it comes to desserts, it soon becomes clear... Continue reading
The weather is warming up, the sun is shining, and that can only mean one thing: BBQ season is upon us! Like most people, you probably start gearing up for barbeque season a few months in advance. But if you're not quite sure what you need to do to get ready, don't worry - we've got you covered. This blog... Continue reading
Image Credit: Sasint from Pixabay. The importance of education for children can’t be understated. It’s what helps set them up for life. For parents, that means ensuring that they’re motivated, interested in learning, and paying attention. That could be easier said than done. It doesn’t have to be. You can get your kids learning with ease by following a few... Continue reading
When it comes to child development, parental involvement is key. Studies have shown that children raised in homes where both parents are actively involved in their lives tend to excel academically and socially. There are many different ways for parents to get involved in their children's lives, and the benefits of doing so are endless. In this blog post, we... Continue reading
The hardest job in the world is parenting. You have to raise children and they don't come with instructions, classes or a guidebook and while there are resources out there to help you in your parenting efforts, your children aren't going to read those. That means that as a parent, you go through all of the effort of labor and... Continue reading
If you’ve been able to afford your dream house, then you should consider it a blessing to even have the mortgage you have, especially with how the prices continue to rise for those who have to get on the market. However, if you’re looking to get out of your mortgage early, there are options for that. Here, we’re going to... Continue reading
When a good friend has a child, you want to help them in any way you can. Even if you've never had your own children, you can imagine how tiring and overwhelming it must be. However, if you have never had children of your own, you may be unsure of how to best assist. When we are unsure, we tend... Continue reading
All parents worry from time to time that they’re not doing a good enough job, or that they’ve missed something while raising their kids - and that’s normal. We aren’t all experienced in raising children, and there’s always going to be a first time. What is important, though, is making sure you’re ready and open to learning how to be... Continue reading
Deciding to place your aging parents in a nursing home can be difficult. There are many factors to consider, such as cost, location, and level of care. We will also provide tips for keeping aging parents at home. Ultimately, the decision is up to you and your family, but we hope that this article will help you make an informed... Continue reading
There are several factors you'll have to consider when going on road trips, such as the length of time you'll be traveling and accessibility. You should also keep in mind that your final destination may not necessarily be the only place you'll visit. If your destination is a city or town with plenty of nearby attractions, consider the possibility of... Continue reading
Because your tissues and organs need enough nutrients to function properly, a well-balanced diet is essential. Your body is more vulnerable to illness, infection, exhaustion, and poor performance if it is not properly nourished. We know that exercise is essential, but you won't get the most out of your workout if you don't have a diet plan to go along... Continue reading
It's Friday night, and you're looking for something to do. Why not have a movie night with your kids? It can be a lot of fun, and it's a great way to spend time with them. In this blog post, we will give you some tips on how to plan the perfect movie night. So sit back, relax, and get... Continue reading
Having a baby is a huge transition in life and comes with a lot of things you need to do beforehand. There are so many preparations and scenarios you need to prepare for. It is also a wonderful time and something you will want to remember forever. There is so much to do that it can feel overwhelming but you... Continue reading