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One day recently, when the heat index was about 115, I spent an entire day walking around Manhattan. Every Starbucks I went into to get a cool tea and sit for *a few minutes* (no laptop, just wanted a place where my friend and I could chat for maybe 20 minutes in some a/c with a nice seat and table) were filled to the brim with people on laptops. 30 tables with one person each and their laptops. After numerous Sbux stops we finally picked one that was SOMEWHAT less crowded, got our drinks and joined a queue of people waiting for a spot to sit. It was 115 degrees outside!!! Otherwise we would have gone to a park or something. But after 40 minutes, we had finished two rounds of cold brewed drinks and expensive artesian water with no seating in sight. :( I don't think they should *lock* the outlets, I just think they ought to have limits on people camping out there. And people camping out there: man, share a couple seats or something! Why can't you and another single laptop user play your online games at the same table?!
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Aug 3, 2011