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Diana Capen
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I am one of the owners of a nursery called Perennial Favorites. We started the business in 1987, and registered the name in Colorado. Because no one else was using the name in my state, we were allowed to use it for our business. I thought it was cute and clever, and other people did, too. There's a nursery called Perennial Favorites in Ohio, and one called Perennial Favorites in Minnesota, and who knows how many in other places. Now I hear that a Utah nursery called Perennial Favorites is trying to trademark that name. Is that crazy or what? Does that mean that all the book reviewers who call To Kill a Mockingbird a perennial favorite, or any other common use of that term will be in violation of the trademark law? I hope the Utah Perennial Favorites reconsiders this request.
Toggle Commented Feb 19, 2011 on Trademark This! at Garden Rant
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Feb 19, 2011