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Mike Caprio
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I will say this much: it is always a treat to see well constructed and easy to read code. But I will also say that one of the issues I almost always run into, mainly because I do a lot of database work in addition to development, is that databases and SQL code written by others nearly always DOES suck. And more than anything I just blame people's inexperience with database design and development, because a lot of developers just do "whatever works" to get the database running and don't consider normalization, indexes, well chosen keys, et cetera. Whenever I see a retail application (that I need to integrate with or pull data from) running on top of MS SQL Server that has ONE BIG TABLE in it, I twitch uncontrollably.
Toggle Commented Jul 29, 2010 on Your Code Sucks at Sara J Chipps
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Jan 5, 2010