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Has NPR started playing dirge music?
We really should have moved heaven and earth to keep the House. Maybe your hero, Paul Ryan, should've done more than recite "not who we are" like a retarded parrot; which only being out of office prevented him from aiming at the Covington students yesterday.
No. He has not proven his age/Veteran's status/tribal affiliation. __________________________________________ He's the total Package. Ricahrd Blumenthal, Elizabeth Warren and Jack Benny all rolled into one. Posted by: Adirondack Patriot at January 21, 2019 10:13 AM (ZxU8C)
it may not be readily visible nor conclusive for some, but i think the worm turned yesterday for many Americans who are weary of the brow-beating given all too freely by the Hyena Media and their puppet masters. Yeah I'm hoping this was a watershed moment where the jackals finally went too far.
Absolutely, Kev; I've never set the bar low for my children, figuring that even if they can't realistically process everything it might implant the germ of an idea that they can follow up if they feel like it.
CH, this story put a smile on my face:) I am certain your kids had a very broad music appreciation experience. Lucky them! Well they're kids and have their own tastes but yeah. A few times I'd take just them on mini road trips like an overnight to Niagara Falls or to a reunion of people I lived in the dorm with and we'd trade off playing cassettes in the car. I learned about Guns & Roses and Nirvana from them and they learned everything else. When they were going to school in NYC I was living vicariously through them, emailing them suggestions about what to see. The younger had the more adventurous tastes and would go to the clubs with me when I visited. The older one was studying modern dance and would process things through a "how can I dance to this" perspective which, in many cases the answer was "you can't". But it was always fun taking them and their friends with me and my musical buds doted on them.
Chisolm wants to investigate the Catholic Church. How 'bout child sex abuse in public schools goes under the magnifying glass? It's where the big numbers are.
i used to put my kids to sleep with Coltrane's "Favorite Things" on 3. five seconds and they were O.U.T. a simpler time. Chez Hate has a finished attic which is where the stereo has been banished to located since almost all of the time we've lived here. I was listening to the Cecil Taylor Unit of the late 70s when my wife yelled up that the children had been put to bed. A few minutes later I lifted the stylus and began putting things away. The three year old voice of Jennifer said "why did you stop the music?" to which I told her that I didn't want to keep her and her sister awake. After a few seconds I asked "what did you think of it?"; after a pause she replied "it was...interesting".
It's the nature of the beast, Kev. Even going to a state school, you like to think that what you were immersed in at that time of your life was special. Look at it this way: at least they imparted enough critical thinking skills to reject them when they screw up.
Heavy metal cranked to eleventy also works as toddlers and babies react to over stimulation by going to sleep to avoid the stimulation. That puts them in a near-death stress state as far as brain waves, cortisol, and epinephrine levels go. People used to operate on newborns and infants them without anesthesia too. I wasn't commenting much last night because I didn't want to interrupt the Goodell Football League slaves sucking up to Massa Roguh but this sure as fuck caught my attention. I'm hoping this was a joke otherwise I'm available for suggestions on nic changes.
I'm waiting for Dudley DoRight Mutt Rombley to deliver the GOPe-Resistance response to this.
Don't sweat it, Janet. We will prevail.
Surely you're right, AB, but whoever did it is funnier than Kathy Griffin's entire career, which my promise to a-mom keeps me from describing more vividly.
Wow, Enter Sandmann is precociously savvy.
Each and every tweet will be archived and turned over to the students’ legal counsel. The remnants of Kathy Griffin's career will get the power flushing it deserves, along with other deserving targets.
Speaking of The Charmer, I'm still not sure how he squared the circle of the Rat and Tub Dive icing Moammar, who inexplicably financed those bow tied lunatics. Maybe the chinless wingman redirected some of that off the books Cordray shakedown money and promised to never ever reopen the Malcolm X murdered case.
Not sure, pin I think he had to refer to his 'slave name' Hulon Mitchell in his affirmations It's funny, as in really fucking ignorant, how many AAs reject their 'slave names' when they turn to is-slum, the original enslavers.
Now that NR is being skewered for their dumbass knee jerk reaction to the Covington young men, I dropped in on that other NT coven of nuttery to see what was shaking, but this is the day that the public servant links Bach and acts all holy and above it all.
Welp Catsmeat, my team is really the Washington Redskins but Dan Snyder has been just as destructive to the hopes of the fans as DoT predicted. Many fans on a Terps board have said that this past season finally broke them. I've never been a Browns fan per se but I think Mayfield has given them the first real leader they've had since Otto Graham (yes, it's been that long), so this is a fortuitous time to jump on the bandwagon.
Easy to boycott if you're a Cleveland Browns fan, Cap. Not true, Baker Mayfield has given the team hope for the future. Plus getting rid of Hue Jackson. The woman I bought Teddy from has ended her boycott; she's a big MAGA fan and told me that when she expanded her dog boarding area that she'd have never made the investment if Tub Dive was continuing the wreckage.
Ok if you're all NFL all the time, I'm listening to music and reading. Btw Goodell, football was made to be played at 1 and 4 on Sundays. Idiot.
I don't think it can be argued that the MFM has been anti Catholic historically (anti Semitic also, but that's a different story). They oversold the child abuse story compared to the numbers in public schools, in case you think I'm excusing either; but have backed off that because they're strangely enthralled by the Peronist Pope and his attack on the US.
This media attack is simply a way of making it "culturally illegal" to wear a MAGA hat. I remember in the summer of 2016, being at an orchard and seeing an old guy wearing a MAGA hat and thinking "I never saw anyone wearing Romney gear four years ago". It was the first time I thought he had a legitimate chance. There's no doubt it triggers the libs big time.
I am calling dibs on John Thune. Worthless RINO (Conservative Review Rating 38%; Vic would call DIABLO).
Mary Matalin might have done better if she didn't apply makeup with a trowel.