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Thank you all. Does maryrose still comment or have her Janet like login problems prevented her from doing so? We used to argue so much but I think after November mended things between us. Anyway I always respected the work she did at the polling places, a thankless task to ensure the integrity of the process which worked in Ohio.
Hey guys, I mentioned this at JOM2 earlier today and wanted to make sure some of you, particularly but not exclusively those I've met in the real world, who don't comment there are aware of this: I'm having heart surgery on the 17th to replace my aortic valve. I've known I've had a heart murmur for over a decade but it wasn't until I complained to my cardiologist last month about feeling dragged out and short of breath this winter that he said "time to get it fixed". I was hoping for a less invasive, minimum time in the hospital way of fixing it but the valve is too calcified to not open me up the hard way. But that's more an inconvenience than anything and increased recovery time. But I've been assured I'll feel like I'm 40 again so I wish it was being done tomorrow. Sorry I haven't been around but it was just time to go. Really nothing against TM, through whom I've met many good friends, or anyone else but after being blindsided last November I've gone to some new sites to try and not be blindsided and I already spend too much time on the internet so something had to give and this was it... Anyway just wanted to give people who like me a heads up and my wife will text KK with the outcome on the 17th which he can post, like his wife Kelly did to me when he underwent something similar but more involved.
Hey JMH. I understand completely which is why I plan on commenting here almost never.
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Eck as part of the TV announcing team traveling with the team got accosted by primadonna Price after Eck said "Yuck" on the air after the network showed some Eduardo Rodriguez stats that he racked up on a rehab assignment. Eck's a HOFer with high standards. Maybe Price wasn't happy he couldn't measure up.
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He also was egging on Price when he was going after Eckersley on the team plane. Eckersley didn't get off the sauce until after he left the Sox, which turned his career around and possibly saved his life.
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I for one don't want to live in an America where hedge fund billionaires might lose millions of dollars bankrupting local businesses. And this is why we have to impeach Donald Trump. Posted by: Mitt Romney at January 28, 2021 12:57 PM (qlFIA)
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Watching the Democrats run to the rescue of hedge funds while the media stares in blinkered silence is funny as hell. Posted by: Jay in PA at January 28, 2021 12:28 PM (ar94c)
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I think when AOC keeps tossing out accusations as she has, sooner or later one will be valid and appropriate. Like discovering plutonium by accident.
The real story in this 'short' story is that the elites can be touched like what happened on Capitol Hill. The autists on Reddit have basically put the fear into Wall Street as did the citoyens did to Congress. The oligarchs will overreach again in their fear by using a sledgehammer to go after a cloud of gnats which will further create instability and ultimately prove futile. I know that a lot of people here believe that the financial edifice of derivatives, hedge funds, investment banking, etc. built up on Wall Street is absolutely necessary to the nation's economy. Just like a number of people here believe that the Republican party cannot die. Both rest on assumptions, not facts. The example of 'Rickey' Vaughan being pursued for punishment up to twenty years for tweets in 2016 that were satiric in nature that no reasonable person could believe is another sign that the whole rotten edifice is about to fail. Posted by: whig at January 27, 2021 06:54 PM (pO7gM)
the Governor has limited his bad decisions to Covid related issues. Forgetting that uncampaigned on gas tax, are we?
But the committee voted to add nobody this year. MLB > NFL
Despite all the negative things I've said about Kellyanne Conway, she's the only high exposure sane person in her nuclear family and NFW did she do what she's accused of.
To hell with hotdog Pete. He knew the rules and broke 'em anyway. He can be in the Hall of Stats.
Plus Lebron shall I put this?..not smart.
Lebron running for Senate would be really dumb considering DJT won the state handily.
Virginia court says don’t do it again... three months after the election. No penalties.. No recount. Not even a concerned memo to a personnel file. Just cya bullshit by a judge. Unpossible. Dudley Doright with an eyepatch, Dan Crenshaw, promised that after he rescues Little Nell Cheney from us eeeeevil conservatives he will fix all of this.
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One of the yellow loon's more lucid commenters, rcocean, has been commenting with the Horde. I haven't asked him if he's there on a day pass to sanity.
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Ewok sidebar National Review's editor (and columnist for the leftwing Politico) Rich Lowry removes the mask, retweets propaganda from the Democrat front group The Bulwark As someone points out: How long until National Review accounts start signal-boosting The Lincoln Project? I think this is the Rubicon; I think the website (and it's really just a blog, after all) has had a vote and has decided, as a group, to start coming out, honestly, as members of the establishment corporate left. I think they have realized that the Grift Pool on the right is all fished out
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Errrr Merkley
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Fuck off, Markley.
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blaster, the nice thing about a writ of habeas corpus if the Senate tries to enforce its summons is that even a state court in Florida can issue one and then the other courts HAVE to react to it. Roberts bowing out is a clue plus the Court can act if the impeachment is unpopular. The Dems have their own failure theater as well that a lot of people forget (closing Guantanmo or ending foreign wars for example). My guess is that impeachment is simply buying time for them because the economy is sinking faster than their ideas how to fix it. Posted by: whig at January 25, 2021 06:26 PM (pO7gM)
Toggle Commented Jan 25, 2021 on Here We Go Again at JustOneMinute
I heard Schumer announce that the Senate was going to issue a summons to former President Trump. Posted by: blaster Fuck that guy. Who does he think he is? Robispierre? Posted by: Bozo Conservative....Outlaw in America at January 25, 2021 05:47 PM (vcOmj) Bozo, Schumer might regret this as that gives Trump an option to seek a writ of habeas corpus from a local judge regarding a private citizen's arrest by illegitimate means. Posted by: whig at January 25, 2021 05:49 PM (pO7gM) Trump has already had his lawyer proclaim the trial as unconstitutional. My guess is that you will see a lower court fight to begin with over a summons versus political question. Courts have never addressed impeachment of a private citizen which appears contrary to the language in the Constitution and also apparently violates separation of powers and perhaps a prohibition on bills of attainder. The justiciability of the case also seem problematic if you take a gander at Chicago Steel and Pickling versus Citizens for a Better Environment. Basically, you cannot go back in time to redress an injury that you did not pursue in a timely fashion. Thus, the House impeaching and the Senate not acting in the remainder of the term leaves the Congress with no effective action in removal of office. Since the punishment of not being able to run again only applies after removal--the justiciability problem is that you cannot punish if you cannot remove (called redressibility). Posted by: whig at January 25, 2021 06:11 PM (pO7gM)
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Jen looks like someone beat her face with a bag of nickels Posted by: Refreshing? at January 25, 2021 05:06 PM (ONvIw) Day 6, and constipation is not abating. Posted by: Jen Psaki Diary at January 25, 2021 05:07 PM (KnJdm)
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During the celebration for Kavanaugh's confirmation, DJT was very publicly magnanimous about whatever low profile role Portman carried out to help the effort. Trump gave much better to the GOP than he got in return.
Toggle Commented Jan 25, 2021 on Here We Go Again at JustOneMinute
The weirdness of the Ohio GOP will make sure they find a replacement for Portman much more so than kicking out Sherrod Brown. There's precedent for this; i.e. parking lot magnate Howard Metzenbaum.
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