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If you call Suez about a water leak, don’t count on them showing up any time soon. I have called and e-mailed numerous times to get someone to come out to investigate a potential water leak, with no luck. I spoke with someone on the phone (because they rarely answer e-mails to customer service) a week and a half ago who promised to have someone come to my property within 48 business hours, and have not heard from anyone since. I am well aware of a much more serious water leak on Locust Ave, but if they can’t make it to my property in almost 3 weeks now, at least they could communicate with me why there is a delay. Tim Kirby, 36 Orchard Ave
Looks like Milton Harbor. Maybe somewhere around where Durland Scout Center used to be?
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Looks like the front of my house on Sunday morning. Tim Kirby, Orchard Ave.
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Congressman Engel's speech was the only negative part of what was truly a wonderful day. The event was well organized, well attended with great speakers and tributes to our Veterans, with the exception of Mr. Engel's speech. He went on way to long and focused more on himself than our Veteran's, going so far as to pat himself on the back for a poem he wrote while he was 8 years old. He shamelessly took the opportunity to give a campaign speech focusing on what HE has done for his constituents. The agenda without Mr. Engel would have been perfect. Tim Kirby, Orchard Ave
The baseball games are both on Saturday. The kids go up on the bus Friday.
Congratulations to all those involved who were able to pull this off in just under 6 1/2 years. Great job !!!
Central Ave Bridge
Rye has a leaf blower ordinance? Wow, couldn't tell !!!
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Jul 28, 2012