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I happen to love orchids. Why? Because they're beautiful, elegant and rare (in terms of how long it takes them to grow). I have one that blooms about once every two years so it's really a treat when that happens. Any chance of a PTI set dedicated to one??? 
I loved the giveaways and how things were really easy to participate in this year. Products and creative ideas were awesome. Looking forward to another great year.
I remember playing this in 1st grade. I say 317. What fun.
This is one amazing release. I like the idea of the mini sets that allows for an expansion of previous sets. This is going to be a fantastic release.
That's really cool. Can you see the possibilities as a Christmas ornament?
This is really a good one. Let the creativity begin.
Toggle Commented Feb 11, 2011 on Make It Monday Series at {capture the moment}
This is wonderful! What fun ideas. I think this concept is much better than actual button because it seems like they would lay flatter? Well either way, it's going in my cart on release night unless of course I can win it here.
Wow! This is great. Somthing to actually make me pull out my sets and use them instead of just collecting them!
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Feb 7, 2011